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September 17, 2005
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Posted at 11:42 PM


Woke up to the sound of 18-wheelers firing up their engines. Things were pretty cramped in the rig so I took the little barker and went out and laid on the sidewalk of the reststop. Gary barked at everyone who pulled up. I’d like to think he was protecting me as I tried to stretch out for a little bit. In all actually, he was like a little alarm clock, every goddamn 7 minutes.

Got on the road pretty early, turning off of I-70 and down towards Moab. Enjoy:

031. “Dual plateau grandeur.”
032. “A desert flower, out there amongst all that rock and sand…”
033. “…and I got up real close to that thing, too.”
034. “Canyonlands National Park, no.01”
035. “Canyonlands National Park, no.02”
036. “Canyonlands National Park, no.03”
037. “Canyonlands National Park, no.04”
038. “Canyonlands National Park, no.05”
039. “Arches National Park, no.01”
040. “Arches National Park, no.02”
041. “Arches National Park, no.03”
042. “Arches National Park, no.04”
043. “Arches National Park, no.05”
044. “Gary backseat: All systems”Go.” Check.”

Coming out of Moab, we “hauled some ass” into Colorado, passin’ up Grand Junction, and up through the winding stretches of the “Sherowski Valley,” through Vail, did a little “memory lane” pass down and into Breck and back to I-70, where we “kicked butt” down outta the Rockies and down into Denver.

Drove around a bunch, all over town. Big buildings. Stockyards. Warehouse districts. The Gothic Theater. Sketchy neighborhoods. Etc.

Crashed out at a Motel 6 but a couple blocks off the I-25, south of a “very-spreadout,” sleeping Denver.

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Man, they’ve got some pretty blue skies out West. Thanks for the faithful text and photo updates, the pictures are a real treat. Happy trails to you both.

Posted by: PJ "The Real Deal" Chmiel on 09/18/05 at 10:59 PM
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