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Draplin Design Co., North America

My little sister, Dr. Sarah Draplin—who, by the way, “owes it all to me” for years of support, love and knuckle sandwiches—is gonna be on talk radio today!

She’ll be making her Broadcast debut at 5:00 EST (2:00 in the PM for us West Coasters), testing one of the guys hearing from the Deminski & Doyle Sports Talk show.

Sarah, when you give us our “plug,” do it like this:

“Greaayyyyyyyyyyter Detroit! Tired of lousy design? (cue of the, “car crash” soundbyte.) Tired of logos that just don’t work? (…have soundbyte guy cue up the descending, “wahnt-wahnt-wahhhhh” soundbyte.) We got logos! We got catalogs! We got color-correction! We got folds, scores, snips, mockups, comps, PDFs, jpegs, tiffs and stuffit files! We’ll run shit all over town—for no reason—after a client makes a last-minute change! We love Garys of all creed, coat and constitution. We offer advice. We’ll critique yer iTunes collection! Friendship is always free when doing business with the DDC! If you can find a better price on a piece of graphic art, our product is freeeeeee! www.draplin.com.”

Or something like that.

So tune on in to get an “earful” from Dr. Sarah Draplin as she comes clean about her path to success, the hearing industry and the time she made me take my pants off to get a hearing test. (Last time we checked, “taking one’s pants off” wasn’t required for checking one’s hearing.)

Kurt: You better tune in, goddammit.

This is little Avery Porterfield of the Kevin and Angie Porterfield estate of Bend, Oregon. We met her last weekend. She likes to dance, smile and make little faces.


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