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June 08, 2005
Hold Yer Horses.
Posted at 10:29 AM


New site is on the way, and while we work out the bugs, new shit will be “going live” here and there.

So before you go for our throats, take a big ol’ breath of air, and relax. You know who you are.



“Sarah and I are wicked excited and grateful to announce the birth of our
baby boy, Owen Scott Cameron.

Here are the stats: Birth Date: 6-6-2005, Time of Birth: 1:30 pm, Weight: 7 lbs., 10 oz., Length: 19.5 inches. Resembles: A little bit like roger and a little bit like sarah…

In the right light he also sort of looks like yoda or a lil’ acorn.”

- - - -

Nothing hits us in the softs spots like news off a new little colleague. Nothing.

Congrats to Sarah and Roger out there in Massachussetts.


Richmond Fontaine�our favorite Portland band�is on tour all over, having wrapped up a big trek through Europe.

Here’s an interview with Willy about the upcoming album titled, “The Fitzgerald.”

- - - -

Supper with the Hotz family last night. Brats and potatoes and green beans. Real nice to get out of the house. They have a fun pad, filled with tons of toys and art and color. Inspiring. LIghts a fire under my ass to get some paint on the walls out here.

Little Eero (…pronounced, “Arrow,” you dirty rats…) is coming up in the world just fine. Just about 2 years old, the little man is frisky and likes to get into things he shouldn’t, paints, draws, kicks “Ohio” the dog, plays with mom and dad, etc. So good.

I go way back with Gretch, well over a decade. I do lots of work for Chris for Nemo. Good people. Family. Thanks for the brat and spuds. Come out here next time.

- - - -

Just been working a bunch, staying up late, making sure Gary gets out to piss, wondering, making sandwiches, enjoying the new fridge, standing around in the back yard, reading about horses, runaways and the Mexican outback, listening to all things Richmond Fontaine, breathing, making up songs on my guitar, being unshaven and not giving a flyin’ fuck about much else.

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Goin’ to see those guys tonight and I can’t wait. I’ll try to take a few photos and post ‘em on my site with the photos from when I saw them last year. They were so humble and so amazing, I hope their Euro tour went well.

Posted by: Lost Son Chmiel on 06/08/05 at 3:05 PM


Posted by: Cam on 06/08/05 at 10:37 PM
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