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May 15, 2005
Fearless Freaks, Times Two!
Posted at 11:58 PM


Two times over the weeked. Once with the Kass family, but shit, you guys missed the first 15 minutes! The second time with Sherowski and a couple Lovejoy brothers. Pouring rain both times.

Goddamn, good stuff. All of it.

Summer of 1992… The thing I remember the most is how loud they were. “Hi, we’re the Flaming Lips and we’re from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.” And then they broke into “Talkin’ About the Smiling Deathporn Immortality Blues.” Goddammit. So loud, in the summer sun. Lots of bored Michiganders scratching their heads. Val Du Lakes, of all places, opening for those Butthole Surfers.

Thank you.

- - - -

And yes, and well, whatever.

There is One Comment

I was at that show but missed the Lips as I arrived late after completing a brunch shift at the Embers on the Bay. While I was deep-frying some french toast and concocting another batch of seafood newberg for the buffet, you were getting your mind blasted by that Okie white noise. I did catch Gibby and the gang that night, complete with shotgun shananigans and the whole flaming cymbals and shit. Looking forward to the film. Doesn’t screen here until end of month. Have to get my hands on the DVD soon.

Posted by: bensch on 05/16/05 at 11:12 AM
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