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April 30, 2005
Parental Visit
Posted at 06:32 PM


Been running around town with mom and dad.

The current state of the house’s rampant, “Little Shops of Horrors-esque” vegetation issues are a bit of an issue with mom. See, I bought a house, and well, it came with a yard, and well, I’m not much for yardwork and don’t really know where to start. I’m no Goo or anything. I did have a couple of neighorhood roughnecks mow it last weekend, so that’s some progress. Little hoods took me for 42 bucks. (I felt bad and tipped large. Hi-fives were shared upon payment.) Mom weeded a bunch of this and cleaned up a bunch of that. Looks a lot better. Thank you so much.

We’ve been running around town, searching for a little table for my “breakfast nook.” Nook. Seen lots of “no ways” and a couple “maybes” but just can’t seem to find EXACTLY what I’m looking for. 24”-30” square, no rollers, maybe vintage, table to eat a square breakfast at. Just something small for a friend to sit across or a lovely, young lady. Cereal, fruit, a bagel, bacon-n-eggs kind of living. Cool, morning air coming through the window and some juice or tea, possibly some birds chirping, and some golden rays filling up the backyard sort of shit.

Dad has engaged in some sort of interaction with basically all of Portland. The man likes to meet people. He’s always gotta ask the “What’s good on the menu?” kinds of questions to loosen up the moment. I just love the “I could really give a fuck” look the bored waiter gives us. Fuckers.

Tomorrow we’re off to Seattle for some adventuring. I reckon we’ll throw some fish, eat some fish, smell some fish, take some walks, look out over the city-wide expanses, do a little Space Needling, etc. All good stuff.

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Rock Talk:

Magnolia Electric Co. on Tuesday. Mercury Rev on Wednesday. Sweet Sherowski, do what you can. Let’s catch some tunes.

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coming to seattle, huh? that’s my neck of it. tomorrow i’m gonna see john doe (from the late 70’s punk band X) play a free show at 6pm at “easy street records” in lower queen anne, then play an open mic. kick me a digital note under the door if y’all want to meet up for a few.

Posted by: cousin scott on 04/30/05 at 9:27 PM

Re: table.

Buy oak. Solid oak. Dense. Oil it in. Built to last.

Oak: a wood a man can work on/with/against.

Posted by: H on 05/01/05 at 9:04 AM

Where am I going to sleep if you put a table in the nook?

Posted by: Ryno on 05/01/05 at 9:01 PM

God help you, Seattle. God help you.

Whatever the cosmic intersection of tossed fish and that ass crack that horrifically graced my screen may be, it cannot be good.

Posted by: eric on 05/04/05 at 12:09 AM
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