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March 29, 2005
We Welcome The Rain...
Posted at 02:08 PM


DOMESTIC, DOMESTIC: I wish we had more to share, but, things have been busy, and good, and our time around the house has been, for the most part, “quality time.”

We welcome the rain with open arms. Love these spring days. The grass is green and long and the thinker gets going about actually cutting it at some point. My summer purchase is gonna be a nice wood fence, and then, a couple good chairs to take a load off in. Then we”re gonna fill that back yard up with a dog. You bet.

Things like the clank of the mail slot from the mailman, or a chat with the FedEx guy keep us rolling.

The drums are played with a fire unwitnessed before on the DDC factory floor. If we could just keep a beat, that’d be another thing.

- - - -

ROOMMATE TRAJECTORY UPDATE: Saw Zimmerman for one night. Tim, not Bob. He was coming in hot after a three month road stint going basically everywhere where snow falls and accumulates. The next morning, after a feverish passport search through all things Zimmerman, he was on another airplane headed to Oslo, Norway. Oh, the life. It was good to see the roommate. We criss-crossed all winter long.

- - - -

WEIRD SOUNDS: Been listening to the soon-to-hit-the-streets new album by Stephen Malkmus. Thanks to Sherowski for the gracious promo flowage.

- - - -

AND THAT’S JUST HOW IT IS: John Holley, Grenade Glove Sales Manager, Decorated Air Forceman, Jersey Shitbag, can kiss our ass.

- - - -

SOUND THE WARNING BELLS: Ryno Simonson of the Mean Streets of South Minneapolis is coming out Friday. We’re doing our best to get caught up so we can properly “kick the town’s ass.” Ryan’s no stranger to Portland. He’s loved, lost and even been left on a street corner to “fend for himself” on his last trip here. He’s back on the market, so all you Portland ladies, this could be yer chance to land yerself a Golden Glove Dickhead.

There Are 2 Comments

I find you’re comments pertaining to John Holley to be sickening. I met John one breezy summer afternoon in Belgium. He won me over almost instantly with his smooth style and whitty remarks. He’s a real sexual dynamo as well………………………………..

Posted by: Sally Sweets on 04/07/05 at 11:04 AM

John Holley is the sexiest, wildest Jersey boy I know.. Rocks my world..

Posted by: Erika on 04/14/05 at 10:35 AM