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And man, we are fucking blown away.

The talent of Jim O’Rourke makes sense, somewhat. Fahey was his father, on some level.

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Which Fahey albums specifically? I’ve heard some of America , it’s really good stuff.

Posted by: f5 on 01/21/05 at 11:22 AM

fahey is amazing. check out 2 disc box set on rhino. real good collection. most other stuff is grerat too. good book released by drag city by him too. interesting. saw him a few times, one about a month before he died. real good show. others were kinda hit or miss.

holmes lived in salem fo a long time.

Posted by: jim on 01/21/05 at 12:51 PM

Is it: if you like Jim O’Rourke you’ll like John Fahey or if you like John Fahey you’ll like Jim O’Rourke. Either way - I like ‘em both. Big and great back catalogue - “The Legend Of Blind Joe Death” is my fav.

Posted by: grant on 01/22/05 at 1:27 AM

i actually had the chance to see him a couple times and he was the most amazing performer i’ve ever heard/seen.

he has a book too “how bluegrass music ruined my life”

Posted by: oswald on 01/25/05 at 11:14 AM