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November 30, 2004
Real Tired Of Flying
Posted at 11:08 PM


Stateside. Yay.

Long day of flying yesterday. Bloodshot eyes. Cumulatively, some sweaty 15 hours in the air over the course of the day. Up 24 hours straight, more or less.

All that flying, taking off, landing, odds calculating in my thinker�makes me a wreck. Takeoffs are getting better for me. Hands aren’t as sweaty as the last 10 flights. Deathgrips isn’t as deathly, as I clench my hands on my lap. My fear of flying is something new, within the last year or two. Maybe it’s just the recent change in the amount of flying I am doing for work, and recent/near future opportunities to fly home. I’m flying more and more. And being freaked out more and more. I can’t help but to think about complete and utter fucking “tragedy at 30,000 feet” or, “takeoff malfunctions” or…well, my mind gets to working on itself, and well, the rest of my body just takes a fucking beating.

And hell, there is just something awe-inspiring about “flying over an ocean.” Lots of real estate below to think about. Barnacles, Whales and other seafaring shit in those waters.

On takeoff from italy, I blasted the Flaming Lips on my iPod…bringing me up into orbit. They have a positive effect on me. Sonically soothing.

- - - -

Freshly freed from the CINCO, �Diamond� Dave Nakamoto gave Multifresh a much-needed update. Rad shit! Fueled by a mean case of “Reno�s spinning slots” in his blood. Hair down his back, to his ass, or something. Glasses, for extra focus. For the ladies: Single, too.

Get over there and check out the graphic freshness.

- - - -

Our little DDC fave icon made a favourites list on the Delta Tango Bravo site. We feel some honor.

- - - -

Praise the Impko. As well as Monte Decal’s ghastly little critters�

- - - -

Goddammit, spend some time here, or else. Mr. Wolfe is an eyeful.

Dig it. We do.

- - - -

Feel a Jim O’Rourke kick coming on, as the next couple weeks will be demanding a precision-like focus out of me, every hour of the day. We like the Jim O’Rourke.

There Are 2 Comments

I think I just saw it get sunnier here. Either the Polyphonic just came and went, or there’s a heavy dose of Draplinfluence back in ptown. Welcome back, Kotter.

Posted by: eric on 12/01/04 at 6:28 PM

o’rourke. h’mm. that guys good.
halfway to a threeway.

Posted by: jim on 12/01/04 at 8:41 PM