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November 03, 2004
DDC 50: Day 45, A Sad Projection
Posted at 08:47 AM


THIS JUST IN: The DDC projects�by an overwhelming landslide�that George W. Bush is just as incompetent, arrogant, pompous, simple (“folky” is a better term for a imbecile president) and ultimately horrifically dangerous as he was over the last four years.

But hey, God is on his side. Phew.

- - - -

A sad day for a great country.

A nation of sheep scared into believing a presidency based on fabricated threats, incompetence as carefully-spun �suck-cessful policy,� slick, star-spangled, bald-faced lies, war-monger puppetry, class elitism as joking fodder, environmental abuse, oil handshakes, American jobs sold overseas, suppressing a woman�s right, homophobia, moral bigotry, making the rich richer and richer and richer, human rights abuse, cowboy foreign policy, corporate fucking greed and one man�s uncanny ability to absolutely suck in the world�s eyes.

Shame on you, George Bush.


Shame on you, the 51 percent who were scared into voting for the asshole.

People can�t think for themselves, and look who they turn to for answer? It sickens me and brings me to fucking tears, so blown away that people are buying into their lies.

Four more years of posturing.
Four more years of a false war.
Four more years of dying servicemen and servicewomen.
Four more years�

I fear he will bring us to our knees on a national level, and more importantly on a world level, because we couldn�t/wouldn�t admit that we aren�t the strongest, or the smartest, or the most civilized, or made proper decisions, or that we underestimated this and that�

We are in trouble.

I think about Dick Cheney. I get sick to my stomach.
I think about Young Republican chapters witht their suits and slick smiles and deep pockets. Our future? Fuck, the worst. Greedy youth.
I think about those poor troops over there. Fuck.
I think about good lookin�, healthy, white, blessed soccer moms concerned about their safety.
I think about how many more times Bush will shame the military with publicity stunts.
I think about middle class workers who lost their jobs, yet still voted for the guy over their right to own a fucking automatic weapon or due to pressure of latent homophobia.
I think of a country that values conservative stubborness over progression.

Maybe, that just how America is? Small-minded, stubborn, undereducated, afraid, proud, in the dark, uninterested, easily guided by slicksters�yet, jobs are being lost, the environments silently suffers, the �war� turns out to be more and more of a gigantic blunder, the pulse races in the Middle East, the country divides�

- - - -

All I ask for�and I don�t think it�s too much on any level�is to have someone on top to look up to, to believe in, to feel thankful for, to put my faith in�and man, I CANNOT put my trust into this asshole. I can�t, and won�t.

I was looking forward to driving home, across a great nation that was fresh on the heels of starting over, ready to heal, with a breath of fresh air in its sails�and now, I have to drive home wondering what went wrong.

More of the same, eh? Fuck.

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Here in Blain county he got 59% of the votes. But none the less Idaho is still full of people scared stiff by the wolves lurking in the snow covered woods and the fucking TV they sit in front of. Idaho is proving to be as Podunk as ever.

Posted by: JERMS on 11/03/04 at 9:40 AM

AMEN!!!…. Repulsive Republicans out in 08!!!!

Posted by: Topher on 11/03/04 at 10:42 AM

I don’t know you and you don’t know me. I like your stuff which is why I come to your site occasionally but I feel I want to voice my opinion in all of this.

First off, “your site, your opinion.” I applaud that you speak your mind and enjoy reading what you have to say. But you will win no one to your side when you call them “sheep” etc. Your attitude reeks of superiority and snobbery. What qualifies you to be held in such lofty places? I think that is the root of my problem with the so called “left.” The attitude that “I don’t know what’s good for me or this country so I should just shut up.” And when I don’t then I am belittled for my beliefs. Trust me, I write this from a bastion of leftist views, California, working in an industry dominated by people with a very liberal mindset. I get it all the time.

Your arguments that people voted the way they did because they are scared or because they were bombarded by images of wolves on TV is pretty lame. By that rational if people were scared then Kerry should have won in a landslide. Osama said any state would get a free pass if they voted for Kerry. The truth is that the Democratic Party is out of step with most Americans. Look at this election. More people voted for Bush than have ever voted for any president in our history. MTV made no difference, P-Diddy made no difference. Bush won the popular vote and the electoral. The split in congress has widened in favor of the Republicans. Tom Daschel, the Minority Leader of the senate lost. The first time in 80 years that that has happened. But I guess that only happened because all people that live in South Dakota are hicks and morons who only care about guns and are afraid of fags right?

We can go on and on and on about all of this. I doubt I could change your mind and I know you won’t change mine. All I am saying is loose the name calling and the snobbery. At least then it will be easier for me to respect your point of view. Right now I think you just sound like a child who has to resort to name calling and screaming because his arguments aren’t working. I don’t think this is really the case. You seem like a smart guy.

I am curious to see if this will turn into a flame war filled with calling me names etc. I hope it doesn’t.

Posted by: Jeremy on 11/03/04 at 11:14 AM


Posted by: SOLI on 11/03/04 at 11:15 AM

Jeremy spoke in, cla a a ass today.

Posted by: Halsey on 11/03/04 at 11:18 AM

Jeremy, I appreciate the good words, but man, I think the childish names are EXACTLY what need to come out. Sure, I come off as small, but I’m not here to impress you, I’m here to enrage you.

I’m angry, and fuck, people should be angry. We just watched an intelligent, distinguished, accomplished war hero get beat out by a incompetent smothering of fake morality. That kills me, and motherfucker, it oughta make you ashamed to see him on top again. I am ashamed.

No, partisan dynamics aside, Americans are out of step of being Americans. Human rights are violated in the form of rich controlling the poor. That is wrong. So wrong. That isn’t American, and fuck if it is, we’re fucked.

Y’know, those people you speak of in South Dakota, they are suffering. They are losing jobs and opportunity left and right. I’ve seen it first hand. They are suffering, yet, they are hoodwinked by fervor around “moral clarity.” Is oppression moral?

Thanks for the words. Tell you what, keep on believing what you do and see if you can feel good about those who are held down. It might not be you, but a lot of fuckers are WAY WORSE OFF because of George Bush America, but then again, the “me me me” America those lucky Republicans promote is perfectly characteristic and right in line with their agendas.

Abe Lincoln would be fucking furious.

We’re selfish and we HAVE to start giving back to the world, and ourselves, and stop taking.

Here’s what I’m gonna do: I’m gonna give some of my earnings to people who need help. I’ll gladly go without to feel I’m doing some good for people who are held down. You should too, or, sit on it like those fuckin’ Republicans do.

Thanks, good luck. We are gonna need it.

Posted by: Draplin on 11/03/04 at 11:32 AM

Dear Ohio: go fuck yourselves.

Dear troops: sorry, we tried. We’re behind you and hope to see you home soon.

Dear women: start praying.

Dear gays: it will take some time apparently.

Dear environment: hang in there. We are very sorry.

Dear Osama: enjoy your freedom.

Dear unemployed worker: sorry, do the best that you can.



Posted by: MC on 11/03/04 at 11:35 AM

Jeremy, Osama never said any state that goes Kerry would get a free pass. He said that the security of our nation depends not on Kerry or Bush, but on our foreign policy. Which makes a whole fuck load of sense.

I wish he would have flown a plane into whatever building you work in on monday to sway the election, but I guess that’s not possible because Bush’s Homeland Security has been doing such a fine job keeping those sandniggers off our soil, huh? Hey, sign up to head over to black gold Iraq and see what we do to their soil. See what a shit Bush has taken over there-


Posted by: Sheep. on 11/03/04 at 11:37 AM

Drap, good job. I knew you were a smart guy and your response proves it to me. Here’s the deal: I think we can both agree on one thing…Neither of these guys is the best that this country can produce. You’re right, my boy Abe would be probably be begging me to dig up Booth if we could show him what this country is like.

I couldn’t agree with you more about giving back. I take offense that you assume that because I am a republican I am greedy. I just want to be able to do with my money as I see fit…not some politician. I think that the two of us as property owners and guys with seemingly good jobs (creepy that I know all this about you huh?) need to give back. In fact as a Christian (oh boy now I’m opening myself to all kinds of stereotypes!) I always have and always will. I was raised that way and I really believe it brings balance to your life. So if you haven’t then I would encourage you to do so. Make it a regular thing. Make it enough that it’s a sacrifice. And if you can’t do it with cash do it with time. Hell, do both. The world will be better off.

As for the “moral clarity” of South Dakota. Driving through the state doesn’t make you an authority on the place. I have driven through there numerous times myself. They vote for who they want. Was Daschle doing any better for South Dakota? I really don’t know but I trust them more than you or me to decide. And why shouldn’t they be allowed to vote based on their morality? This is America right?

The world will never be perfect but that just means that we need to get off our lazy ass and do something about it. You don’t like Bush? Good. Do something about it. Rant and rave on your blog. Get your friends fired up. Just don’t assume I am an idiot because I disagree with you. But bottom line is I think there are things that we all can do in our little worlds to make it a nicer place to live.

Wow…I am reading some of the posts in response to mine…” wish he would have flown a plane into whatever building you work in on monday to sway the election, but I guess that’s not possible because Bush’s Homeland Security has been doing such a fine job keeping those sandniggers off our soil, huh?” So, you want me to be murdered because I voted for Bush? Sandniggers? One of my best friends and one of the smartest guys I know is Egyptian and Persian (and voted for Kerry) and if you were standing in front of me I’d punch you in the throat. I hope you are one of these guys who wants to move to Canada. Drap, this guy sounds like a moron and I hope it’s not indicative of all the people you call friends. By the way, Bin Laden did say that state by state security will be determined by how they vote. Obviously this guy hasn’t read anything about the translation of his tape. Here’s a article so he can be educated.


Anyway. Guy, you get nowhere with me or anyone else by calling me names or wishing my death. But I’ll chalk that up to one too many bong rips before hitting the slopes. Good luck with being a retard. Drap, thanks for the spirited discussion and thanks for refraining from wishing for my death. You get my respect.

Posted by: Jeremy on 11/03/04 at 1:27 PM

First off, I am ashamed that I share the same name as you.

Listen up. This is what it’s all about!
BU$$$$$$$$$H for another 4 years.
Take the blinders off and really think about what the guy stands for. NOTHING but $$$$$$$ and wanting to be remembered for something.

Bush is Cheney’s bitch, and you Bush’s. Your nothing but a brain washed bitch buying in to all this. The smoke screens are still up and the blinders on in full force from you camp. Hope your happy, cause sooner than later this is going to come back and haunt all of us. I challenge you for one minute today to think of something other than your pocket book, yourself or your own family.

You’re entitled to you option but man are you serious with all that crap you speak of. Bush has you by the “BALLS” and don’t think he doesn’t.

Posted by: JERMS on 11/03/04 at 1:51 PM

I can’t say I agree with some of the sentiment of the “anti-Jeremy” responses on here, and some, especially the post with the “sandnigger” jibe was prob’ly posted in jest, in some sort of fucked, sarcastic way. I don’t use that word, or encourage it, but, do hear out of the mouths of fuckers who shouldn’t be using it.

I don’t assume you are greedy. I do assume by my experiences meeting Young Republicans that I’m always blown away by what comes out of their mouths. Sure, it’s a generalization…but, I wish they inspired me, but they NEVER do.

Punches to the throat: If I hear one more Republican cocksucker rant about welfare mothers or those lazy unemployed…fuck, these are the folks we SHOULD be helping. But that’s not where it’s heading, and fuck, MY LEADERSHIP makes me feel alone, and makes me take “resolute action” in my own little life to help people.

I wish I felt like things will get better for those oppressed by Republican values, but c’mon, four more years of this shit? It kills.

Christianity? Hey, it’s a good club for those who need answers.
Me, I reckon I’ll be in hell, as the bands will be better there, anyway.

I don’t think you are an idiot. I do believe that the pressure you put on yerself with constrictive Christian ideals leads you down a path that ultimately holds us all back, and a nation on a larger level. There are good adn new things out there awaiting to be discovered, but, God stands in the way, unfortunately. Those are the old ways.

The world is changing, and we have to also. I’m trying. I hope you are too. I’m gonna take it upon my little self to make shit better who are affected by the prodigal son on top. Hopefully, my little contribution will help people.

About South Dakota: The Corn Palace of Mitchell is a wonderous site to behold.

Enough of this ranting. I’m trying to keep my head up, trying to find something to believe in the Bush’s so-called administration.

“…and now, watch this drive.”

Posted by: Draplin on 11/03/04 at 2:15 PM

it is a sad time… 4 more years, of more lay-offs, 4 more years of greedy people, that dont give a sh*t about any of us, taking, stealing, and lying to us all….

Bush is going to kill us all

Posted by: isaac B. on 11/03/04 at 2:28 PM


This is my last post on this subject. I will revert back to my once a week lurking in the hope of seeing some new cool designs or witty posts…

Here’s the deal. I hope you will write down my email address and some day when you are down in L.A. (I read that you hate it here. I know, I know….) or if I’m up in your neck of the woods we’ll have a beer and I can try to convince you that the Christians and Republicans that you know or have met or see on TV aren’t indicative of us all. And you can try to convince me that maybe I am too greedy sometimes or have a tendency to be too selfish. I agree with a lot of what you said about Christianity. It does hold people back but it shouldn’t. It doesn’t hold me back. The world IS changing and some things need to change right along with it. Couldn’t agree with you more. I would bet we have more in common than not.

You are correct about all the good bands being in hell. What do I get? Stryper? Man maybe I should rethink this one.

Corn Palace of Mitchell? I missed that one.

So here’s hoping that someday I’ll have the right job come through and can hire you so some of my greedy republican money can be distributed by you bleeding heart liberal. Haha. Chin up. Hillary will be here in 4 years.

Oh and Jerm….I’m ashamed you don’t know the difference between Your and You’re.

I’m done.

Posted by: Jeremy on 11/03/04 at 2:56 PM

I am disappointed by this election. We know have the White House, Congress, and Senate under conservative control. Given the age of some of our Supreme Court Justices….you are looking at that branch also run by a conservative majority.

That’s not a healthy debate of views.

In my opinion, Bush has done a terrible job. Look at how many US jobs got sent overseas. The Economy is not in great shape. His attitudes on gays…mirrors how people treated black people before civil rights. It’s outright bigotry and hate. This war got waged on a country that had nothing to with 9/11 and Bush ignored several people telling him such.

Even the Reagan years of ultra conservatism had a balance of power in the other branches of legislation. I can’t recall when last we had this much of one party in power, if ever.

Aaron- you will be more sad to know the students I have that seem to support Bush the most…are the sophomores. So much for the fire of youth leading us. Yeash, if they are getting over romanticized views of the Reagan/Bush1 years, I hope their conservative elders tell them about how those years had hikes in tuition and slashes in financial aide to students. I hope I’m wrong…but I wonder how many of them are looking at a draft or faced with loosing friends in a prolonged military conflict.

It’s a very scary time. I am glad I am in a job with a good deal of security and one I can get tenured at. I foresee more jobs going. Worse, I foresee a return to Reagan era intolerant views to others. Liberals like me don’t do well in that climate and are often fired ;)

About Jeremy:
This was a guy who came here POLITELY to share his views. I disagree, but applaud his actions and guts. I respect his attitude and approach to this. The “sandnigger” joke was in poor taste as was the reference to flying a plane into a building. I suspect it was to be “shocking.” Notice that coward did not use his real name or e-mail? Given the history of this boards and others Draplin is linked to, it’s not hard to figure out who that coward was. Ah well, people like that have a way of bringing bad stuff back to them, be it karma, a higher power, or people finally wising up to what an asshole they really are. Maybe this will come back in the form of no job or an eviction or something.

Posted by: Andrew M. on 11/04/04 at 1:10 AM

I guess I am more saddened not by the state of our own country, but by the state of Iraq and Afghanistan. As a human being, I do not know how anyone could support a commander in chief who is responsible for causing the deaths of so many people. It’s easy to ignore your mess at home, heck- my house is a mess, but there have been 100,000 “excess” civilian deaths in Iraq since he started this thing. How can any one turn a blind eye on that simply because they don’t think two people of the same sex should be able to get married, or because they like there tax bracket?

Iraq is a mess, Bush is responsible, yet no one cares. I had one friend serve twice out there and fortunately he just came home, and another friend will be boots down there Dec. 7th. for at least a year and a half. That is a serious waste and ruin of his life, and while he is there, he will only be ruining other people’s life. He proudly served 5 years before this, got out, started college, got called back. And now he is pissed, because this is not his war, it’s Bush’s.

That’s what this election was about to me, and that’s why I’m sad at the results. I just want to not be embarassed at the blood red in our flag. I don’t want to be hated for being an American, and it makes me sick that I completely understand why people in other countries do hate me. I cringe to think that the next generation of people wanting to attack our country are the little kids living in poverty in Iraq who just watched American planes bomb their houses.

Was my life terrible the last 4 years with W in office? No. I get screwed with my taxes being self employed, but things are fine for me, although they sure aren’t for a lot of other people. Like Aaron, I just want to be able to be proud…

Posted by: Halsey on 11/04/04 at 7:01 AM

When John Kennedy was elected (and I will, as a pinko liberal clearly state that in most regards, Kennedy was an overrated, wishy-washy, politician’s politician) he made it very clear that he was a Catholic - but did not want to be regarded as a “Catholic President.” This was a time in America when, for the most part, Americans still valued the concept of the separation of Church and State. Granted, in the years prior, Joe McCarthy and his witch hunters had re-written the Pledge of Allegiance to include “God,” so as to distinguish between real americans and godless commies - but most americans still recognized that it was important for the church to not influence politics. Of course, with the growth of non-christian religions in America, and the polarization of people under current economic stress, the us-against-them mentality has taken over, pushing god-fearing blowhards to the forefront of the political world.

Anyway - to make a short story long - I want the bible kept the hell out of my government and stuffed in the little book shelf on the back of a pew where it belongs.

Posted by: ryan on 11/04/04 at 7:15 AM

Well, typos happen when one’s gets their feathers all ruffled.

But for for the record Jeremy, it’s JERMS and not jerm. Now that were straight please don’t slay the name.

Kurt I hear you, I want my friends to come home too.

Posted by: JERMS on 11/04/04 at 8:31 AM

Oh yeah…

About Andrew M.

This was a guy who came here UNINVITED to share his half-assed accusations and bitterness. I disagree, but applaud his ability to look like a complete ass more often than anyone I have ever met. I respect the comedic qualities of his failed approach to being respected. The “coward” comment was poorly and inaccuratly connected to a “nameless” individual, but with obvious intentions, as was the reference to “eviction.” I suspect it was to be “a dick.” Notice that cowardly Andrew did not reference the real name of the individual he was calling out, but made no attempt to “disguise” his intent. Given the history of this boards and others Andrew has spat his bullshit on, it’s not hard to figure out who that “nameless” culprit is - in spite of the fact that “Fat Andy” was way off base with his wily conclusions. Ah well, people like that have a way of bringing bad stuff back to them, be it karma, a higher power, or people finally wising up to what an asshole they really are. Maybe this will come back in the form of a shitty job at a lousy second-rate state college or male pattern baldness, or being a 43-year-old virgin, or something.

Posted by: Ryno on 11/04/04 at 3:35 PM

I love this firey thread! Where’s Chmiel? Get him in here!

Posted by: Halsey on 11/04/04 at 3:38 PM

it breaks my heart to see such a great nation all torn up. i can’t help but think it’s the end of an era and the start of something scarier.

Posted by: dano on 11/05/04 at 6:27 PM