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Quick Italian For Dickheads:

Bella = Beautiful
Gratzi Mille’ = Thanks-A-Million
Arrivedichi = See You Later
Mee Mee = Cat
Aar-rone = Aaron
Meirda = Shit
Mama = Mother

- - - -

Just about over the jetlaggio. Still waking up at 2am, wide awake, fidgety, hungry, etc. I’ll take a quick piss, get a drink of water, maybe watch a little CNN Worldbeat (the only english-speaking channel we have) and then hit the sack for another 4-5 hours.

I’m told the return to the motherland is nice, due to the jetlag actually “working in yer favor.” That means I’ll be getting up reallllly early in Portland, getting a 6-7 hour jump on the day. Watch out.

Last night, our after-dinner snack was gelato. I had the pistachio flavor. It was green, like pus.

“Arrivediche, Mee Mee Meirda…”

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Happy Thanksgiving, Draplin. Have fun with your Italian covert operation. Before you leave, enjoy a caffe corretto.. You’ll never forget it.

Buon Giorno di Grazie!

Posted by: rebecca on 11/25/04 at 9:42 AM

So what’s up? Is your e-mail working? I miss you, Aar-rone. Going to Sisters for the weekend with los Scheirmans.

Posted by: Whit-Dog on 11/25/04 at 11:02 AM

Well, I have been on my feet for hours, cooking the turkey, sweet potatoes and mashed potatoes; got the salad ready. Dad made the green beans (with bacon, onions and peppers)…..Leah is babysitting for the rich people who can never watch their own kids. Sarah has been hogging your place on the couch and promises to get up and set the table…..

The Detroit Lions lost the traditional Thanksgiving Turkey Day game…..41-9. What a bunch of losers - dad is looking for a dull knife to kill himself, after watching that mess.

Miss you, little boy.

Posted by: drapfamily on 11/25/04 at 12:54 PM