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Draplin Design Co., North America
October 13, 2004
DDC 50: Day 24, A Good Day with Whitney
Posted at 11:27 PM


Had an absolutely wonder-full day with Whitney and her family at their house in Hilton Head, South Carolina. Good people, all across the boards. Cute babies, good dads, lolving mothers, good husbands, sisterly love and good friends with thick, regal “Virginia Gentleman” accents. Harold of the Steel Industry was the best.

Tennis backhands, golf swings, high ceilings, clean sheets, soft water and Whitney absolutely “tearing up the keys” on the family heirloom piano. (She blew me away.)

I slept in good and late, was well-fed, took advantage of showering opportunities, laundered much-needed linens, relaxed, debated light issues along the line “contemporary politics” and “religious belief” and even found time to enjoy a hearty lunch with Whitney’s 96-year-old grandmother, “Ga Ga.” She was beautiful. I’ll never forget that little laugh. Uplifting. Reminded me of Gramma Leo and Gramma Josie.

I was treated to a big supper and a front row seat for the debates and got to hang with Whitney for all of it.

MANY MANY MANY thanks to the Cale family for the warmth and hospitality, and well, the enormous amount of “acceptance.” I felt, instantly. I’m a tough customer and can only wonder if another one of me showed up at my place. Yikes.

Thank you.