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Draplin Design Co., North America
September 01, 2004
Posted at 08:28 PM


Tomorrow we’re off to Seattle to spend a quick afternoon with Ride, dart across town to shake hands with Brad and Kleckner, then with a quick shoulder shrug, onto a big ass jet airplane that is heading east for Burlington, Vermont. (JetBlue is the only way to go.)

We’re heading there for Capozzi’s wedding. Did his invites set, and consider ourselves a valued friend too…which explains the invitation to witness the big transaction. It’s gonna be an amazing time. Burlington is great in the fall, so it’ll be nice to check the place out in during the Indian Summer days. Just as long as it’s cool…we’ll be cool.

We’ll be holing up at Lance Violette’s ranch out in Stowe. So considering how “unreachable” that fuck is, don’t even thing of trying to contact us. We are going underground…the Northern Vermont kind of “underground”…y’know, LL Bean turtlenecks and wooly vests and shit. Blend right in, munching on some sort of maple syrup product.

!!! Bowles, we will share the meanest handshake that town has seen in a long, long goddamn time. Take our word on that one. !!!

- - - -

Upon arrival back into Seattle Tuesday night, we’ll catch some much-needed Z’s at Brad’s place. Early bird gets the worm, same goes for COAL headwear. I’ll work a long (Brad’s bangs), ugly (Yohan) day at the C3 headquarters. That’s how we do it. That night, we’ll cruise back down to Portland, hang with the lady a bit and the catch another flight down to San Diego for the ASRrrrrrrrr action sports trade show.

See some shit, see some premieres, shake some hands, talk some smack, throw back some poisonous beverages, etc. All by the sea.

It’ll be good to see everyone, of course.

- - - -

WHITNEY UPDATE: She’s an amazing gal. Lucky, we are.

- - - -

So, the DDC is “on the road” for the next 10 days or so. We’ll be back up and running on Monday the 13th.

Then we hammer for a week on all things design-y, readying the rig and spirit for the mother of all fuckin’ roadtrips, the DDC Fall 2004 North American Tour.

Man, miles are gonna be logged, states conquered, diners cleaned out, toll roads skipped, windows rolled down, wind on our bald spots…

Dad flies into San Francisco on the 21st. We’ll push off on the 20th out of Portland. Man, this one is gonna rule.

50 days on the road!

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If you make it out this direction, make sure to stop by and take a load off, your welcome anytime up here at the “Lanningham Elkhorn” spread.
Living large compared to the SoCal pad!
I still miss the beach though. See you at ASR.

Posted by: Jerms on 09/01/04 at 9:23 PM

Whitney Cale.

Posted by: Kurty on 09/02/04 at 8:56 AM

busy busy busy…

Posted by: jim on 09/03/04 at 6:49 AM