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September 25, 2004
DDC 50: Day 06, Route 66, New Mexico
Posted at 11:07 AM


The Land of Enchantment

Gallup, New Mexico is quoted as the �unofficial capital of the Navajo Nation.� I�ll tell you one thing, it�s definitely a good place to get a cheap room. There must have been 20 places to choose from, a sterile array of recognizable chain joints�which we fell prey to. Dad settled on the Econo Lodge. After we had checked in, we went off into the night to explore the town.

We should have gone deeper to find a joint. It�s a couple miles off the intestate where you�ll find the colorful neon gems. All we could do was gawk. Heading back to the room, we were funneled into a �sobriety checkpoint,� which Dad�stone sober�barely passed.

- - - -

Each night as we settle in, I�ve realized we�re a little ill-equipped. I need a little fluorescent light forensic kit to check the linens for foreign fluids. I�ve heard that at any given time, you�ll find over 50 different instances of body fluids on a hotel room comforter. Yum. Lots of memories/golden moments on those covers.

This is how we do it: Get in, get the technology recharging and rip off the covers. I�ve got my own down comforter, as well as a pillow. I do put faith in a �clean set of sheets,� so, let�s hope those linens are getting washed/changed daily.

- - - -

The New Mexican stretch of the Mother Road isn�t know for it�s schtick-y turn-off spots, but for it�s breathtaking scenery. Pretty surroundings, as we whiz on through.

- - - -

Albuquerque, besides the challenging spelling, was cool and thriving. Lots of colorful car customizing displayed on the local vehicle population. Nob Hill looked Bohemian and colorful, with lots of college students and hipsters lining it�s sidewalks.

- - - -

There�s a stretch called the �Los Lunas Loop� that takes you off the interstate (�a necessary evil out here.) for some 20 miles south by south east. Absolute nothingness. The old road, just as it was back in the day. Very beautiful. Looking for the old, old road, we came across a desolate little stretch that we thought was the Los Luna Loop. Nope. This was the old old old road. I don�t know if it could get much older. Hell, dinosaurs traveled on this one.

Anyhoo, dad was driving, like an asshole and managed to �catch some air� over a certain ugly, washed out part. So much for that goddamn $129.95 alignment I popped for before I left.

�Like it�s my fault there was a big juda in the road.� �Dad. (�Juda� is �hole� in Polish, or so he claims.)

- - - -

We�re at the Palomino Hotel in downtown Tucumcari, bedding down for the night. Tomorrow is a big one: The Texas Panhandle, and into Oklahoma.

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damn… Love your take on “America’s Mother Road” You boys be careful flaunting that german technology (VW) through the Tex-ASS.
Don’t snooze on the postings, or at the wheel…. you’re the fucking best. live it up!

Posted by: jon baugh on 09/26/04 at 10:35 PM

i respectfuly demand MORE PHOTOS!!!

Posted by: danooooo on 09/28/04 at 10:17 AM

ooops. i just noticed that was addressed in the previous post. uh…as you were.

Posted by: danoooops on 09/28/04 at 10:20 AM