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Made �good time� across Canada�s lower eastern flank. Across from Detroit into Windsor, with little incident, thank the Lord of the Road. Those borders can be a real motherfucker, believe me. Over into Ontario, where those miles turn to kilometers and well, the populace gets a little more interesting. I hopped on Canada route 401 and didn�t stray from it but for a couple pitstops. I followed that Canadian sonofabitch all the way to Toronto, passing the �Land of the Barenaked Ladies� (fuck.) just to the north a bit, continuing across Ontario�s eastern side up towards Montreal.

Crossing over into Quebec was interesting. Everything went French, from road signs to advertisements, to exclamatory remarks from passerby motorists enjoying my reckless, �hopelessly lost� ways. I passed through Montreal quickly, heading south towards Burlington, Vermont for Lance Violette�s wedding to lovely Vanessa.

Crossing the border into Vermont was somewhat of a relief, as my time in Quebec was haunted by visions of�

01. Being pulled over�
02. Being unable to speak Francais�
03. Being arrested in a foreign country�
04. Being thrown in some weird frontier prison�
05. Being accosted by French-Canadian trappers and shit.

It coulda happened.

- - - -

Back in the U.S.A., down 89 to Vermont. Happy ol� Burlington. Rich, privileged college kids were out and about. Yay, youth! Wilco was playing at some theater, which I missed by a couple hours due to the lateness of the hour. Nectar�s was alive and festive, with some sort of jam music blaring out of it. I headed through the downtown, gassed up and hit the road for Stowe, some 35 miles southeast of Burlington.

I made it to Lance�s a little after midnight, to find a hearty gathering in mid-swing. Jared, Sue, Michaylira, Tevis, Rose, Frank, some bridesmaids, some groomsmaids, and Lance and Vanessa, of course. Some shit was talked, and Rose and I split back to the Stowe Inn.

- - - -

I made camp on the floor, and settled in to watch a repeat of the big debate. I thought Kerry did a good job. Bush, that coached little marionette, resorted to his �down home� mentioning of names and their respective hometowns to reassure us in such troubled times. I�d rather he tell us about what he�s gonna do to change the situation, versus tell us what �Homer McGillicutty of Devil�s Knuckle, Texas feels about the the Iraq situation.� Complete, bumbling fool. It doesn�t work on me.

�It�s hard work,� served as a good filler when a big word or clear thought escaped his grasp. This is war we are talking about, not digging a ditch. Sure, he�s �resolute,� about protecting fatcat money, oil interests and Halliburton contracts. Oh man, he�s gotta go.

I think Kerry sounded firm and clear. I�m all for getting the world back on our side, and gaining respect from a world community who sees us a bully cowboy. We gotta go at these problems on a global level, not as �big ol� America who isn�t gonna back down from nobody.� We gotta think and solve on a bigger, multinational level. Our blinders are on.

I watch Bush on that podium, and I want-so much-to be soothed by him, to be impressed and inspired. But that never happens. I see a dimparody fumbling through his lines, through transparent soundbites, through macho promises. I want to feel good about �what we�re gonna do to make things better.� I fear what comes next. I fear what comes next, on his watch.

Let�s get him out of there and start over. They�ve fucked enough things up.

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We gotta “stay on the offensive”, Aaron! “That’s the only way to beat em’.”

Posted by: Kurty on 10/01/04 at 1:49 PM

And Jesus, Aaron… what kind of message does your rant send to our troops over there? What does that say to Nathan Leininger of Racine, WI and Joseph Conroy of Monroe, NC?

Posted by: Kurty on 10/01/04 at 1:56 PM

Catching up on a backlog of unread road reports, I spun Son Volt’s Windfall on the hi-fi system: the perfect soundtrack to some well-penned tales.

Switch it over to AM.

Posted by: H on 10/03/04 at 12:42 AM

Your little road trip woulda cost ya twice as much if we wern’t in Iraq [and other islam owned fields] swaggering our six shooters. I’m with ya on things needin’ a change. Unfortunatley the “TRUTH” is we need to change the way things are done here at home. No politician is willing to announce that. Not even Kerry.

When we pay a cheap 2 bucks a gallon and the rest of the world pays over 4, sumptins askew…

Posted by: right then left on 10/05/04 at 12:02 PM