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August 11, 2004
Posted at 01:11 PM

Had a good weekend out there in Fort Collins.

Rod Snell married his gal Katie in the quiet backyard of the historical Avery house (…corner of Mountain and Meldrum). A good 80-or-so folks were in attendance, soaking up the afternoon sun and sharing big smiles. The ceremony was very nice. Lots of words, progressive, somewhat traditional but fresh…all in all, really nice. They looked really good together. Hell, I wanted to marry Rod, seeing him all cleaned up and dapper.

The reception was at the Rio, the world famous Mexican restaurant, hookup grounds and Fort Collins nightlife fixture. Rod worked there for years, so it was great to see his friends from that time at the wedding, and how ingrained he was into the Fort Collins scene. Good people all around. Burritos, cake, cham-pag-knee, etc. Some dancing too, during the slow numbers with my gal.

One night was spent in Denver doing the “Bachelor Party’ thing. Flesh was gazed upon. Kinda cool, kinda dumb. Girls climbing all over dudes, etc. No big whup.

It was just good to hang out with Rod, as well as Donavan, Kogy and Greg. Bunch of assholes, really. Nice to catch up. Been a long time.


(+) Thank you to Whitney for coming out to hang with me out there. It was good to hang with her in a far away place. A little getaway from the Portland insanity. Really diggin’ this gal, we are.

- - - -

On the homefront: Dudes have taken over the DDC Factory Floor!

The new pad is testing our occupancy load ratings. Lots of fuckers holing up there.

01. Mark Sullivan, dad, Snowboard magazine publisher.
02. Liz Sullivan, mom, Snowboard magazine copy editor, better half.
03. Sasha Sullivan, baby, smiler, crier, eater, plays with things, squeeker.
04. Jeff Douglass, photographer, product photographer.
05. Jeff Baker, “Metal Up His Ass”, Snowboard magazine editor.
06. J2, ad salesman, shithog, dirty bastard.

So yeah, the place is humming with activity. Lots of chew spit containers laying around. Lots of wrappers for Nerd™ Ropes scattered about. Weird smells. Little piles of things. Chickenscratch notes here and there. We gotta get organized. It’s been a challenge keeping things cool with all the “big move-in” insanity. Boxes are still piled up, making nice places to piles things on them, but when something needs to be located, that pile gets re-piled somewhere else, boxes get torn apart, items come out and come to life, and so the cycle goes.

We’re working up the premier issue of Snowboard, so y’know, shit is top secret and apeshit and exciting all at the same goddamn time. Things are looking good. Good to be working with these assholes again.

- - - -

Mom and dad are coming out tomorrow night. Phew. It’ll be so good to see them. I hope their flights are smooth and prompt.

Big plans are in the works for their arrival:

01. Fly in, get luggage, get back to ranch.
02. Parade through downtown Portland, Thursday morning.
03. Get keys to city from Mayor in small ceremony at Pioneer Square.
04. House-by-house, neighborhood-by-neighborhood goodwill tour.
05. BBQ/Cook-Off at DDC Employee Recreation Zone on Saturday the 14th.
06. General “doing of absolutely nothing” and “laying around the house.”
07. Unpacking/organizing/tuning up of the new house.
08. Nice dinners out around town.
09. Junk shoppin’.
10. Home outfitting.

Real excited to get them out here.

There is One Comment

thanks for the wrap up words. it was a good time. i’m glad you made it. are you next? see you tonight.

Posted by: rod on 08/14/04 at 9:32 AM