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Draplin Design Co., North America

Headin’ up to Seattle today to spend some much-needed face time with COAL, RIDE snowboards and a TOP SECRET PROJECT. Yep, all good work. Lots of progress made on all fronts.

- - - -

NOTE: We aren’t afraid of nothing. Couple things, but not much else.

- - - -

Really enjoying the rain. Been three days of it in a row…with temps no more than 65 degrees. Heck yeah. Thank whoever’s calling the shots above. A nice, cool end to a “hotter-than-fuck” August. Tired of the summer. Bring on the fall. Yay.

- - - -

Every time I go to Seattle, I think of Scott Stamnes. Man, he was a good guy. Always had good advice for me. Miss seeing him around.

I remember him saying, “Man, when the shit goes down, all I’ll need is a horse, some fish hooks and a couple blondes.”

- - - -

Lance Violette is doing “real good for himself” out there in the wilds of Vermont. He’s due to get hitched in October, is getting his own design studio up-and-running and has a gigantic truck that is hard to climb up into. We will be up there in October, to witness the marital bond, and throw back some serious fluids in the name of gettin’ rowdy for the happy couple.

- - - -

Evan Rose works for Burton now, more or less. That little bitch.

- - - -

The new Drive By Truckers is “Real Good™”, as is the new and final “Guided By Voices,” you assholes. Do yer sad selves a favor and buy these records, and maybe that Smashmouth disc that has been on constant rotation won’t sound so “fun” anymore.

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We ALL work for Burton NOW you freelance whore!
Nice “Dockers™” those CEO’s at rIDE wear by the way. Do they come in Duck Canvas?

Once again, bro… I’ve got to pull out the old “bullshit” card on that Guided by Voices crap.

Simple fact is - well - they suck.

Dumb lyrics, lame hooks, crappy rock shit.

They just plain blow.

I’ve tried and I’ve tried and I’ve tried (for you, Draplin). But, goddamn it; I just can’t do it. Those guys fucking eat it.

Kurt—back me up on this one…

Posted by: Ryno on 08/25/04 at 11:05 PM

Yeah. I’m just kind of TO’d about the whole Wilco album as well.
It’s only good for when you are working, but then you forget the iTunes are on, and you wonder what he fuck that noise is, and you realize it’s the fucking Wilco album and you have to fast forward past all the feedack and reverb(not to mention the whole lack of volume) and then the disc is over and I’M LIKE WHAT THE “F”.

Posted by: "MY LIPS HURT REAL BAD™" on 08/25/04 at 11:16 PM

Guided by Voices. I have all of their albums (minus the new one), and every time a bad song pops up on my shuffling iPod, it’s either Guided by Voices or some rare Paul Westerberg song that Draplin gave me! The real kicker is that Aaron even told Ryno and I that Nuetral Milk Hotel sounded just like Guided by Voices.

Wilco live was really good on August 2nd. Half the crowd walk away from the stage when they finished with Spiders (Kidsmoke). I think it’s good to do things that people react to, whichever way they react.

Posted by: Kurty on 08/26/04 at 8:06 AM

When Scott says “it all goes down” is he talkin’ that whole “Peak oil” thang? I think he’s on to som’tin. Better get useta walkin’.

Posted by: Joe Fossil on 08/26/04 at 10:58 AM

Ryno, you are on probation. Kurt, you are pushing it.

LIttle assholes. You little farts speak untruths. Neutral to GBV? I’ll kill someone if I ever get “misprinted” like that again. How dare you?

You guys can “druid-out” on yer fuckin’ Coheed+Cambria, and I’ll enjoy my minutes to GBV.

Little assholes. Heads are gonna roll.

Posted by: Draplindustries Rotations Dept. on 08/26/04 at 10:32 PM

Dude. Kurt speaks the truth. I was sitting right there. At the Bar. Milwaukee. The dude was playing Neutral Milk Hotel’s “On an Aeroplane Over the Sea.” You turned to me and said, “What the fuck, Ryno. You like this, but you don’t like Guided by Voices? Dude — it’s like the same shit… Have you ever heard the older GBV albums? They sound just like this shit.”

That was the night I took all your money throwing dice.

Posted by: Ryno on 08/26/04 at 10:48 PM