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Draplin Design Co., North America

A couple of gruff bastards woke us up early Saturday morning to deliver the new washer and dryer set. Fisher and Paykel brand, mate, from New Zealand. Those Kiwis know a thing or two about laundry. Uses 1/3 the water, 1/3 the soap, 1/10 the energy…and gets clothes about 1/5 as clean. Just kidding. The rigs work really good. We dropped a boatload of loot of them, as part of our “spare no expense” shopping campaign. Real Good™.

Also, we moved another big load over to the place. I’d say we’re at about 97% moved. Phew. Now we gotta put everything where it “belongs.” The new storage opportunities are gigantically welcomed. We’re gonna be able to breathe again, and soon. Nice, sparse bedroom…mellow living room…and a dense DDC Factory Floor.

Many thanks to Cam, Kass, Baker, Pinksi, Nicole and Zimmerman for their moving muscle. Without you, we’d be fucked. Phew.

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Did Alien’s design those dryers? Or was it Jonathan Ives?

Posted by: Kurty on 07/19/04 at 9:28 PM

You fucking traitor. Selling out good old american-built clothes cleanin’ machines for some non-union kiwi scab shit!

I thought you bled red, white, and blue. I guess if you’re not gonna be washing clothes with us, than you’re against us!

wash my face

Posted by: .com all over your face on 07/20/04 at 9:02 AM

they look Japanese to me, lots of stuff over there that has that wierd minimalist-with-cartoon-influence design style. Maybe shoulda gone for the V8 Sears 2,500 GPM Enduring Freedom model though.

Posted by: pj chmiel on 07/20/04 at 11:18 AM

Ryno, my patriotic brother, you bitch, you fart, you fellow freedom fighter,

The Sears, Maytag and Whirlpool models are the SUV’s of the laundering world. They suck, guzzle and chug water, soap and kilowatts with absolutely no efficiency. The rest of the world, Fisher and paykle brands specifically, who have caught on to “making things smarter due to limited resources” can not only offer better performance, but one-by-one, make America a better, safer and cleaner place, you fuck.

Plus, it’s not like I’m doing monsters loads for the six kids my wifie squeezed out. It’s just me, and maybe a roommate, and the occasional freedloadin’ visitor.

So come on out, and test these waters.

Posted by: Draplindustries Homeland Pride dept. on 07/20/04 at 11:51 AM

Well, Ryno drives a Korean car, and Aaron drives a German designed but built in Mexico car…

Posted by: Kurty on 07/20/04 at 2:53 PM

Is that a top-loading washer? Aaron, Aaron, Aaron… what were you thinking?!

Front-loading… FRONT-LOADING! Trust me on this….

Also, please tell me you bought a gas dryer.


Posted by: Andrew R. Jenkins on 07/20/04 at 3:59 PM

Bullshit! I traded in that rice-burner for a goddamn patriotic Lincoln Navigator XXL Series Super Extended Wide-Base 4WD Super-Haul™ Power Force Burb-Raider® with all-leather upholstery, full-time A/C, Heated seats, Global Positioning System, Auto-Pilot, Off-Road Tires with full-tilt Crusher™ Suspension, Clear-Channel Satelite Radio (tuned to Conservative Talk Radio 24/7), a gun rack, and Nitrous-Turbo Boost. It also has a cool rack for my surfboard, and this awesome purple-to-florescent green gradient detailing on the side, and a horn that plays “Sweet Home Alabama.”

Kia, my ass…

Posted by: Ryno Limbaugh on 07/21/04 at 9:25 AM

Ryan, did you opt-out of the 14” in-dash, in-headrest, in-trunk displays with DirecTV, independent DVD players, and optional Playboy channel?

Posted by: Andrew R. Jenkins on 07/21/04 at 11:32 AM

Oh no. I just forgot to mention them. I opted for the 26” displays, though.

Bigger is always better, right?

Posted by: Ryno on 07/21/04 at 2:36 PM

Kurty, get it straight before you go dissin’ our rides. The Passat, German designed and built in Dresden. Not Mexico like the Jetta, Golf, Bug, all the lesser VW’s. Those Kiwis make good stuff as well…..

Posted by: rod on 07/21/04 at 9:22 PM

Nicely put, Rod. Let’s make some fuckin’ buttons!

Posted by: Draplindustries Automotive on 07/21/04 at 9:35 PM

If the car you drive wasn’t made within fifty miles of where you live you can’t call yourself an American. I can safely say - I’m an American. My Japanese car was made in Fremont, CA - less than fifty up the road.

Then again, everywhere I turn I see Mercedes… I’m so sick of people with Mercedes. I haven’t met one I liked, yet.


Posted by: Andrew R. Jenkins on 07/22/04 at 10:19 AM