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July 07, 2004
A Day At The Beach
Posted at 11:12 PM


Went to Cannon Beach on Sunday. Gina DiPonio of Chicago was in town, and managed to get me outta the house for some fresh air. Rad gal, got a good head on her shoulders. ‘

Out to that coast, through the coastal mountains, into the salty sea air.

I love the cool temps of the beach. It was 60 degrees out there. My kind of summer day, you bet.

- - - -

I close on the pad tomorrow. I’m told I’ll be signing documents for the better part of an hour. Some might call it “signing yer life away.” I call it, “signing up for a new life.” This is a big step for me. A dream fulfilled, one of many, as I do my best to carve out a little niche in this mean ol’ world.

It’s just me here handling all this. Just me. Been quite a learning experience. So many new things to wonder about, so many new things to worry about. This is the big leagues for a guy like myself.

Homeowning. Homeowner. Plot of land. “My Place.” The ranch. A safe house for those on the lam. “A real shithole.” The shack. Four walls and a goddamn roof.

Just me doing this. Very thankful for the fact I’m able to take the leap.

I sign the shit tomorrow, and get the keys on Friday. Then the “slow burn” move starts. Little by little, I’ll run piles out. Many a friend has offered up a truckbed or set of muscles. The big stuff will be dealt with in a week or so, once the gas, electric and cable intra-net is up and running like the motherfuckers that are.

Making this deal official.

Oh, everyone is welcome too, except for the fuckers who’ve given me dirty looks, written me a ticket, broke my heart, ripped me off, “revisited” a design of mine and/or crossed me in any way.

There Are 4 Comments

Hey AJD,
Your welcome anytime up in our new part of the woods too. Sun Valley/Ketchum is good but weird so far. Cool nights though. Good beanie weather even in the summer.

Posted by: Jerms on 07/08/04 at 7:31 AM

Just you, just you,
just you…and Jesus Christ.

Posted by: pj chmiel on 07/08/04 at 10:50 AM

i feel real happy for you. congratulations…you deserve it.

Posted by: chad h on 07/08/04 at 12:07 PM


Good luck on the deal tomorrow and congrats. Home ownership is a good gig. You can’t go wrong with real estate. Propoerty is a finite resource, so the value will only increase. Can’t wait to haul the whole fam out and crash in the guest quarters. Hannah tearing into all your CD’s—jewel cases spread out all over the floor. Anyway, cool. And as my Dad always said, “Slow and easy.”


Posted by: EC/DC on 07/08/04 at 7:42 PM