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Draplin Design Co., North America
July 29, 2004
Polyphonic Needs
Posted at 11:20 AM


The world is big.

I need color, more color. I need atmosphere. I need sounds that make me smile. We could all use things like these in our lives.

Turn shit up. Be lazy. Miss a deadline. Forget. Put something off. Relax. Wonder. Don�t give a fuck. Get lost. Try something new. Make a friend. Place a phone call to someone you miss. Do things that are stupid. Do stupid that are things.

Lift yer head up and take in a big ol� breath of fresh air, look at the sun, look at the stars, look at the dirt�

It was what I needed. My day is that much brighter. The Pantone book in our studio just folded itself inside out and did a flip and dissected into a billion more colors. The numbers were messed up and no one lifted a brow in disgust.

Let the sound be huge. Fill up yer apartment with it. Fill yer head up with it.

I nominate the Polyphonic Spree to be the official band of �feeling better about a big wide world of dismal things.�

�Wonder-full,� we�d say.

There Are 5 Comments

I got a color for ya: Concrete Gray.

oooh. my achin’ back……

Posted by: Ryno Cement Service on 07/29/04 at 6:43 PM

Hmmm…sounds like an extacy trip!

P.S. Hope to see you at the family wedding tomorrow!

Posted by: Uncle Terry on 07/30/04 at 4:28 AM

You’re sounding pretty fruity here for a guy who used to manhandle the prime rib on a train in AK. That’s right, I said “manhandle”!

Posted by: PB on 07/30/04 at 10:49 AM

Discovery is a good thing, ol’ buddy.

Posted by: Draplindustries Color Dept. on 07/30/04 at 10:54 AM

color is overrated…glitter is the new black.

Posted by: glitter*girl on 08/02/04 at 12:11 PM