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Draplin Design Co., North America
July 12, 2004
Flat Files!
Posted at 01:23 PM


Night one in the new place.

Laying there in the master�s chambers, looking up at those bare walls, the reality of the transaction starts to set in: �Motherfucker, This is gonna be a great experience.�

First off, I�m gonna have a ton of room to work with. All my gear, and shit, there�s a ton of it, doesn�t even make a dent in the space up for grabs.

01. The Bedroom is for sleeping/reading/wardrobe selection.
02. The Dining Room is where we�ll eat supper, as a family.
03. The Basement Workshop is for fixing things and tending to laundry.
04. The Basement Family Room is the DDC Factory Floor.
05. The Breakfast Nook is for breakfastin�.
06. Crawl spaces will be used for �puter box storage.
07. The garage will store Big S. Wow, a roof over his head.
08. The Backyard will be for �relaxing in the sun/enjoying the gray cloud cover.�
09. The Upstairs Loft will house Zimmerman, if he chooses to call it home.
10. The Front Porch will be for �waiting for the imminent invasion from Wash. State.�

Excited to get the new pad all set up.

- - - -

A Fairly Honest Transaction.

Plus, on the way back from dropping DiPonio off at the Max for her flight back to Chicago, some flat files outside of Fairly Honest Bill�s caught my eye. I double-parked and went in for the kill.

�How much you asking on the flat files.�- Draplin
�400 bucks for the set.� � Fairly Honest Bill
�Hmmm.� � Draplin, trying to keep his cool.
�You take $300 for the set?� � Draplin, trying to shame him.
�Hmmm.� � Fairly Honest Bill, in the midst of battle.
�How about $325, and we�ll deliver them and set �em up too.� � Fairly Honest Bill
�Deal.� � Draplin, followed up with a clean hand meeting a nicotine�d hand for a firm shake.

Hamilton Flat Files � 10 drawers, 2 pieces plus base, slate gray, built like a tank, weighing in a little over a ton, give or take a file or two. You bet.

The way we look at is, �It�s a good weight for the foundation, y�know�.in case a tornado comes ripping through or some shit.�

Very excited.

There Are 8 Comments

Hey Aaron, congrats on the house and getting what you have wanted for so long. The flat files look very cool.

Posted by: Andrew M. on 07/12/04 at 1:28 PM

Flat Files are the greatest… if you ever need another one estate sales i picked up one about the same size for 150… estate sales are the best… have a great time with the new place, and have fun with this…

Isaac B.

Posted by: isaac B. on 07/12/04 at 1:56 PM


You cocksucker! Sweet!

Posted by: Ryno on 07/12/04 at 4:22 PM

Flats sounds great. You’re going to have to start the “poster a month” series now that you have all that storage.

Posted by: Kurty on 07/12/04 at 8:51 PM

A, I scored my flat files about 6 years ago. They are pretty much identical to yours (althoug I paid a bit less than you - *GRIN*). They’ve moved with me wherever I’ve gone (currently residing in Aptos, CA - one block from the beach baby). They are a great investment but a bitch to move.

Good job. Can’t wait to see some more pictures of the house.


Posted by: Andrew R. Jenkins on 07/12/04 at 9:07 PM

OOOOOhh. Jelousy sets in deep.

Draplin – designer, master negotiator.

Posted by: josh on 07/13/04 at 8:54 AM

Few things can bring a grown man to cry. Thin drawers are one of them.

Posted by: haker on 07/13/04 at 1:22 PM

Wondering who the hell Fairly Honest Bill is, I found this on the net - sounds like you guys might be cut from the same (slightly soiled) cloth:

“On my list of “places I’ll shop at when there there’s a brisk sale on ice skates in hell” is Fairly Honest Bill’s. I don’t care if my dream sofa is on the sidewalk out in front, I refuse to shop there. I’ve been told that he has the connections to acquire his merchandise for next to nothing, so it really doesn’t matter to him how long inventory sits or what it ultimately sells for. Bill gets a lot of attention for being a prick to his customers, and honestly, I see no reason to spend my money with someone who takes pride in being a jerk. I had a run-in with him a few years ago. Nothing in his shop is marked, and I asked the price of a CD shelf that had seen better days. He quoted me $45, even though I could purchase it new elsewhere for $25. I brought this up, and he raised the price to $50. I shrugged and walked away as he called after me, “$60! And that’s my final offer!” I haven’t been back since.”


Posted by: H on 07/16/04 at 9:07 AM