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June 06, 2004
A Kick-Ass Spectacle
Posted at 11:54 PM

Go Pistons!

Man, it was kick-ass to see them slaughter those goddamn Lakers on their home turf.

There Are 9 Comments

Great game. Proud to have them my home town team now.

Posted by: Kurt on 06/07/04 at 5:39 AM

Kill those Lakers. That is what happens when you have a whole team vs. two players.

Good team work Lakers.

Posted by: Ryan (laker hater) Clemens on 06/07/04 at 12:16 PM


Posted by: Ryno on 06/07/04 at 4:30 PM

Go Sheed.

Posted by: Draplindustries Public Relations on 06/07/04 at 4:36 PM

Go Mariners!!

Posted by: Joe Sports on 06/08/04 at 10:36 AM

that’s right bitches L.A. needs to fall into the ocean and never be heard from again! fags

Posted by: d on 06/08/04 at 4:52 PM

What happend?

Posted by: Clemens on 06/08/04 at 9:24 PM

sorry, missed a letter on that last one.

What happened?

Posted by: Clemens on 06/08/04 at 9:26 PM

Stolen! The game was stolen! What a crock.

Posted by: Kurt on 06/09/04 at 10:12 AM