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June 11, 2004
Going Coastal With Fred
Posted at 06:22 AM


Headin’ out to the coast tonight after work. Fred Green is my co-pilot. Matt and Pam-Pam rented a joint for the weekend. We’ll crash with them.

Plans are in order to get loaded, fall into the ocean, float south, down around the horn, and back north up to the Gulf of Mexico, where we will be picked up by a weathered shrimpboat, which will dump us on a Casino Queen somewhere in the ass-end of the Mississippi River. We’ll gamble, dine and frolic all the way up that big river to I-80, where we be thrown off for foul language. Then we’ll hitchhike east to the Michigan border, then north to Traverse City. Mom and dad will greet us with open arms and stern-yet-relieved scolds.

Just a thought.

- - - -

Busy Beaver got a nice update. Buy some buttons, you assholes.

- - - -

And man, how about those Pistons? A romp.

There Are 3 Comments

Casual Friday, bitches.
Whalers in 5, maybe 4.

Posted by: Cris on 06/11/04 at 12:57 PM

Um, Pistons? Where’s the Rip splash with your blocky type over it?

Posted by: Kurt on 06/14/04 at 7:10 PM

Kurt, there’s no time for tomfoolery right now. We gotta focus, eyes on the prize. The celebration starts tomorrow night! (Hopefully.) Stay strong, together, we can do it.

Posted by: Draplindustries Public Relations on 06/15/04 at 1:29 AM