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June 03, 2004
A Stacked Deck Against Us
Posted at 11:34 PM


Even with the day off on Monday the three leading up to Friday were extra mean, and their own set of challenges. It ain’t easy being us. Facts are stubborn things. We often question just how we make it, with the deck always stacked against us.

Friday, sweet Friday.

- - - -

Think about this for a second. Or two. (via Coudal)

- - - -

From deep in the forest, they give us strength.

- - - -

Go Mike. Can’t wait for this one. That last little golf clip makes me want to puke.

There is One Comment

Jesus Christ people! How can there be no comments as of yet on this. Canada sure looks nice nowa days. Go Nader/Chompsky ‘04.

Posted by: HAKER on 06/06/04 at 8:58 PM