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May 21, 2004
Go Timberwolves!
Posted at 01:19 AM


Go Timberwolves!

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Whole lotta Watt. Do some scrolling, and watch him grow up into the man he is today.

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Can’t wait for this one. I hope his latest masterpiece tarnishes that fuck’s already tarnished administration.

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All sorts of rad shit here. (Nice and vague, right? Just click the link, smart guy.)

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This link is for Matt “Mr.Roboto” Capozzi, down on the beach. Sonofabitch was up in Portland for a couple days discussing and discussing and discussing all things Nixon, and ended up wrapping the meeting up with a 3-2 win over the DDC in pong. 100 bucks was lost in this “100 dollar bet, quick game to 3” transaction. Shit.

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Matt needs to update robot-on…shit should be called “robot-off”

Posted by: Cris on 05/21/04 at 6:44 AM

Go Lakers!

Posted by: laker super fan on 05/21/04 at 8:53 AM

Bad form, Joshie, Bad form. Blasphemy won’t be allowed on here. This is the proud Midwest versus shithog California. Who’s side are you on? What side should you be on?

We take offense.

Your campaign to “hold on” to some sort of California pride fizzles by the moment. Tell you what, Mr. Rodeo Drive, you can have it. Detroit, Indiana or Minnesota?

Posted by: Draplindustries Gaming Dept. on 05/21/04 at 9:22 AM

How’s that dabica.com doin for ya? Also notice you gave up on the olde site of justice.

Posted by: Matt on 05/24/04 at 9:34 PM