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Draplin Design Co., North America

“It’s a beautiful thing.”

Spent the day with Raf of Rafael Astorga Studios. We were high in a warehouse building, deep in the Pearl, kicking ass in his full-service photography studio. Rad shit. Working on top-secret Nixon stuff. Lips are sealed. Had a good time with the guy. Let’s just say this much, “Ol’ Raf likes to have a good time.” and “He’s isn’t afraid to bust one’s balls.”

Quote of the day, in his thick-ass Venezuelan accent: “It is Astorga nature to distrust.”

I love the third person dialog, especially the type that takes generation after generation of family temperament into consideration. Turns out there has been some five colorful Rafael’s before him, as well as a son who goes by, well, “Rafael,” too. Lucky little guy.

Special thanks to assistant O’Brien, that Irish clover, as well as all his pretty assistants Mica and Jaclyn.