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April 17, 2004
Zel's Type Mastery
Posted at 12:27 PM


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Zel’s roast beef is in northern indiana…and the original owner used to live across the street from my parents when I was a kid. Interesting guy who hated franchises and used to tell me the joys of owning your own business. Funny as I am reading “Fast Food Nation” now that slams franchise corporate crap that he hated. He just recently sold it off as he went into retirement.

Cool old guy who loved to tell stories and “the way it is”; you would have loved him.

They used to be just in East Chicago and Hammond. My dad is happy they are comming to our home town in Munster.

Great place to eat. Messey as hell chille chease fries. Shakes had real fruit in them and were thick.

FYI- the place was named after his father Zel Routman.

See, good stuff does come out of Indiana no matter what you and PJ say ;)

Posted by: Andrew M on 04/20/04 at 5:07 PM

i love the letters really nice looking…. show more if you have it…

cheers from old MCAD we miss you

Isaac B.

Posted by: Isaac B. on 05/09/04 at 7:48 PM