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March 21, 2004
Poltically Speaking,
Posted at 11:59 PM


Enough, already. The prodigal son needs to be removed. Every time I see that motherfucker speak, I’m in constant awe of exactly how the hell he made it up through the ranks. A bumbling idiot in front of the whole world. I feel embarrassed to have him “on top.” I feel embarrassed knowing he represents us.

John Kerry, Howard Dean, General Wes Clark, Rev. Al Sharpton, Denny Kucinich, Ralphie Nader, Mike Moore….whoever. Anybody but Bush.

- - - -

And speaking of the current state of the Union, I got a little fired up and dug out my old Dead Kennedy records.

The last song of the Frankenchrist album took me back to my 10th grade year. Take a read through this anthem, their ever-resonant “Stars and Stripes of Corruption.” Funny how that shit still hits home, some twenty years later. It blew me away at 15, and still makes me shake my head and go, “Amazing.”

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I heartily agree, and am likewise stunned at the fact that GWB ever made it out of his goddamn backwater county in TX.

Why don’t you ask your dad to run? He’d get my vote, and we haven’t had a character the likes of him since old T.R.

Posted by: pj chmiel on 03/22/04 at 12:38 PM

I can’t wait to see the ignorant fuck go. The buck stops with Kerry.

Posted by: Joe Putnam on 03/22/04 at 1:11 PM

Kerry’s a putz too. We don’t need another Republicrat. We need someone to pull this country out of it’s entropic, oil crazed dementia!!

Posted by: Marc my words on 03/22/04 at 4:42 PM

JELLO BIAFRA FOR PREZ IN 04!! I would imagine PDX is a place where someone, at some point in time, drove around with a PA blasting his spoken word disks at ear shattering volume. But if not, maybe you should turn that VW monster of yours into a political machine.

DDC: Props through propaganda.

Just an idea.

Posted by: Bakesale Cotton on 03/22/04 at 6:41 PM

One would hope. Not about Jello Biafra of course but that Bush gets his ass handed to him in November. Kerry ain’t much better but that’s all we got at this point.

Posted by: Tuesday on 03/23/04 at 8:18 AM

I voted for Nader last time, but I’m voting for Kerry this time. Here’s a good summary from Noam Chomsky about the situation:


Also, for those of you interested, Kerry did head a committee to investigate how the Contra war was funded by CIA-backed drug barons (he states flatly that the CIA was behind pumping millions of dollars of coke and crack into our country to fund the Contras), and he did it in the 80s when he got a lot of flak from both the Reagan adminstration and big media like the NY Times, he accused him of being a conspiracy wacko.

I have no illusions he much better than say, Clinton, and I agree with the Republicrat comment, but the differences between him and Bush have real life consequences for millions of people. My motto: GO KERRY, YOU SON OF A BITCH.

Posted by: matthew on 03/23/04 at 8:42 AM

Piece of presidential trivia:

First Pres with a name to contain all the letters in the word “CRIMINAL” was Richard Nixon, venture a guess on the second?

William Clinton

It does not matter how you feel, what matters is that you act on those feelings and you can look yourself in the eyes each morning.

Posted by: Crews on 03/23/04 at 9:26 PM

this is a great land, its too bad we are overloaded with corruption and bullshit. politics, politics, politics, we’ve had enough. the little man never seems to get ahead unless he plays into the game. the truth is america is for the rich and ruthless, not the poor and hungry. so be happy you are gettign paid for doing somthing you love and not stuck in a factory bumping mindless crap threw a hose the rest of your life. america is great and america is nasty, it all depends on what end you end up on. fate is a bitch.

Posted by: america on 03/25/04 at 12:39 AM

I wish the world could vote on this one.

Posted by: cory on 03/25/04 at 3:13 PM