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March 30, 2004
Back For The Attack
Posted at 10:52 PM


We’re back, and we’re mean. Expect a full report from our Windy City Weekend once we’re settled, laundered and clean-shaven.

- - - -

Not even a question: Our copy is on the way.

There Are 3 Comments

It’s about time you shave, you goddamn dirt.

Posted by: Ryno on 03/31/04 at 12:07 PM

You better not shave that goatee off……it’s looking good, my handsome boy……

Glad you took a shower; you were probably over-due……



Posted by: momma d. on 03/31/04 at 4:23 PM

Not even one road report. I was starting to get worried. I thought The Windy City took you down. Did you catch an Oprah show? I thought I might have seen you in the crowd during her sticker toss. I would kill for a sticker that says “Dr. Phil is a nice guy” , but he’s a mouth breather.

Posted by: Bry on 03/31/04 at 8:53 PM