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Draplin Design Co., North America
March 18, 2004
New Meats For "Big S"
Posted at 09:22 PM


There is something-possibly better left unsaid-about pulling out of a garage with new meats on yer rig. Like a kid with a new pair of kicks, running fast and humping around, we teared outta that parking lot with a reckless abandon unmatched in Multnomah county. Wear and tear got the best of us again, so we cruised out to Sears and popped for some new meat. Back in October we threw two new ones on the front, rotating the best chaff towards the back. That put a dent in the ol’ pocketbook too, motherfuck. With summer upon us, and miles and miles of drunken cruising ahead of of us, we thought we’d prepare Big S with some much-needed rubber. He’s lethal.

Next big automotive event on the horizon: Oil change.

Stay tuned.

There Are 3 Comments

“I hope they put the new tires on the front….”, hopefully your mechanics know this, since it’s front-wheel drive…..

Posted by: dad (via momma d) on 03/19/04 at 5:47 AM

Oh yeah, oh yeah. Rotate and balance, all part of the deal. Riding smooth, ridin’ mean’…you bet.

Posted by: Draplindustries Automotive on 03/19/04 at 8:06 AM

Another great tip for keepin those new skids lastin longer. If you gots the dough, go get you a “toe and go”(front end alignment). Great for going straight down the road w/ beer in R. hand, mid finger L.hand out the window. Also keep an eye on the tire p.s.i. It sure beats my other tip wich is “dont eat egg salad before gettin on the bus” sucka.

Posted by: "renchin" red A. on 03/19/04 at 8:27 PM