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The woods behind my sister’s home in Macomb, Michigan.

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i like go outside my house and stare at the woods… sarah thinks i’m weird…

Posted by: roger on 03/14/04 at 6:19 AM

Where are the bird houses?

Posted by: Bry on 03/14/04 at 4:52 PM

Who is Roger?

That’s a cool picture…..why don’t you send one over my way! I also want the mug shots you took of everyone! :)

p.s. Kid ROck is less than 2 weeks away…I have a few extra tickets….I can fly you home for the concert!

Posted by: Sarah on 03/15/04 at 10:22 AM

Kid Rock? Jesus H. Christ. Sarah, you gotta be smarter than that. Such a family disappointment. I expect more outta you, girl.

Posted by: Brother Aaron on 03/15/04 at 2:56 PM