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Draplin Design Co., North America
March 05, 2004
Back From Michigan
Posted at 12:47 AM


Real glad to be back. This is how it always works. Soooo excited to leave, soooo excited to be home. Restless, I guess, or something clinical, perhaps.

Nevertheless, fine readers of these half-ass entries, my time back home was good, and well, if yer interested in hearing more of the same, continue on.

- - - -

Saw those Aleshires a bit. Worked up some of the most amazing creations with Bry at the wheel of his sewing machine. He’s rip-roarin’-ready to sew, and all his cylinders are firing. You need a laptop case? He’ll make you one. Koozies for cans of ice cold beer? He’s got you (those cold ones) covered. Triple stitched, for extra wear and tear. Carhartt, denim, monkey fur, whatever he can squeeze under the needle and thread…the guy is open for business. All project inquiries can be directed to Bry at Kukshire Designs. (kukshire@hotmail.com) DDC Seal of Approval quality. “Eva Proof.”

SPECIAL LAPTOP CASE SHOWCASE: (Click to open, click image to close, etc.)

01. Holy-mother-of-all-things-duck-canvas, get a fucking load of this goddamn beast. Pure hell. Art. Protection. Durability.

02. He said, “Fill it up.” So I did.

03. Super stealth pick pouch for moment’s notice rocking.

- - - -

Sarah’s condo is nice and neat and spacious. She is gigantically proud of it. I cruised down with dad to the Motor City to help her close on the deal. She had a little get together at the new joint that turned into an impromptu family reunion. It’s always good to see everyone. Next time, have some goddamn furniture so we have places to sit. Real tired of standing around.

Sarah is on to something good there. Lucky little chickadee. And guys, she’s on the market too, so direct all inquiries to us here at Draplindustries, and well, we’ll grease the wheel a bit for ya. Basically, she looks like me with longer hair, go figure. No, just kidding, we’d never bestow such a horrible review on any young lady, especially kin. She’s a doctor and she can drink like a pig, so y’know, all bases are covered. We love her, against all odds.

- - - -

It was good to be back home. I got to know their couch again, and man, some serious hours were burned on those cushions; clicking through a ton of channels or pursuing hours and hours of beauty sleep. Official DDC “Back Home” Training Cycle: Eat, sleep, laugh, flip through the latest issues of Rolling Stone, eat, hang with dad, sleep, hang with mom, check email, sleep, etc. Followed strictly.

- - - -

Special thanks to the pilots who guided are tin cans back there. Nice flights, good thrust, mere tidbits of turbulence, spacious seats, cold beverages, empty seats around me, confident takeoffs and smooth landings. Phew. Those fuckin’ NWA miles are adding up. I fly to Chicago in three weeks, and after that flight, I’ll have another free ticket racked up with my WorldPerks miles. 25,000 big ones, damn straight. In less than 8 months! Whoa. Busy little traveler…up and down the West coast, back to that Midwest, etc. The shit adds up. Gotta stay focused.

- - - -

Double down. Great book here, trust us. For all you Vegas types who think that can outsmart those cards, this one is for you. Uh, “A Real Thrillride.” Bunch of MIT turds who outsmarted the Vegas goombahs. Interesting.

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Anything is possible with our passion and your desire.

Our limit is your imagination. Bring on the ideas.


Posted by: Kukshire Designs on 03/05/04 at 8:34 AM

that Carhartt case is fuckin’ unbelievable, great work. And it’s really nice to see the family portraits. Uncle Terry: looking dashing as ever!

Posted by: pj chmiel on 03/05/04 at 11:54 AM


Amazing work, man. Triple-stitched delight. I may be tapping you in the near future for some stitchery-trickery. By the way, Megan loves the pillows you sewed up for us awhile back.

Ladies and gentleman, put this guy to work. He has more creativity in his litle finger than you have in yer entire body.



Posted by: Mr. Campbell on 03/05/04 at 12:29 PM

Great workmanship.Well thoughtout with a sense of humor………..FANTABULOUS! Linda p.s.Sure was great to see you Aaron…

Posted by: Bry's ,Mom on 03/08/04 at 12:04 PM

Was clicking around on your links this time and noticed the late 70’s camper style bass sticker on you laptop. Any word on where to get those? Being from ID and all have been looking all over at old recreation/RV supply stores since the early 90’s for something in the means of a rainbow trout . Kind of 93’ Brushie-ish.

Making the move out of So Cal in 6 days.
Boise or Bust!

Posted by: Jerms on 03/09/04 at 9:47 AM

It was great to see your smilin face again. You and Bryan make a great creative team. I like seeing you two together again. You are always welcome on the Aleshire ranch.
Eva says hello.

Posted by: Mama Aleshire on 03/14/04 at 5:07 AM


Posted by: Humper on 04/06/04 at 6:28 PM