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February 06, 2004
Real Glad, And The Truth Comes Out
Posted at 11:37 AM

Real glad it’s Friday. Work is just less and less fun. Turning into a job.

I enjoyed a week of free weeknights, where we found ourselves on the couch, at the record store or on the phone with friends.

Getting excited to fly home in a couple weeks. Turns out Sarah is closing on her condo that weekend, so it looks like I’ll be spending a couple days in Detroit with the family moving her in.

Kurt is coming out tonight. Little buddy has a show opening at the Bink Gallery tomorrow night. Good for him. The ladies will croon, the men will get sad. So it goes. We like to think of Kurt as the “precious moments” of counter-culture painting.

There is One Comment

Speaking of “feeling like a real job”, if it means anything to you, I really like the “Nose Art” style graphic u did for the Grenade crew Love that shit. WWDuece! Probly a “clandestine operation” for ‘ya. Good stuff.
Wish we could have hit the tables at Vegas and had your good luck rub off on me, but LaSalsa got he best of me and I was relegated to my quarters for the rest on the night. Oh well…
In Mid-West-Folk news, me mam’s is comin’ down to SoCal from NE Montana (Westbty to be exact, Westby represent!!!) to warm her toes up a bit, get alittle whale watchin’ in, and see her son’s slice o’ the OC pie (for what it’s worth).
Anyways, have a happy Monday, holla back youngin’!

Posted by: P-Diddy on 02/08/04 at 8:09 PM