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Draplin Design Co., North America
January 30, 2004
Posted at 09:54 AM

Scenes from a day at the SIA trade show.

Credits, where credit is due:

01. Looking out the window, up high at the rest of Mandalay Bay.
02. Goo feeling the miles away from our Portland home.
03. Michaylira had something to do with this. Tevis too. Me rikey.
04. Evan Rose garnered the coveted “Most Uncomfortable Person in the Industry” award, second year running.
05. Chris Coyle is muscling himself back to Portland. Real Good™.
06. Industry Heavy Hitters: Michaylira, Dave Lee, Embry, Arlie and Peter Line.
07. Mark Sullivan and Joel Muzzey had a baby together. Half goggle, half snake.
08. Picked up Airblaster as sponsor. Nemo Nick brokered the deal. Thanks, Travis.
09. Got loaded on free ale, courtesy of faceless company parties.