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Draplin Design Co., North America
January 13, 2004
Posted at 11:46 AM

BREAKING NEWS: We finished the new 2004-2005 Coal headwear catalog.

Nonstop for three days. Another weekend shot to hell.

Highlights/lowlights from the marathon session: At one point–due to the lateness of the hour,–Brad found himself speaking in tongues referencing a certain colorway combination. Draplin broke down numerous times, spitting out venomous outbursts along the lines of, “Brad, so help me God…you change that again and I’ll kill ya.” and the client-losing, “If I had any sense at all, I’d quit this shit and get a job hustling Slurpees at fuckin’ 7-11.” Much fun was had by all.

A certain warmness envelopes the entire DDC factory floor knowing, that against the odds, we finished the beast. Much pride is felt as Brad races up that I-5 highway back to the open arms of his printer. One spot color. Uncoated stock with a ton of dot gain. 24 pages. 100lb cover, 80lb innards. Real good™.

I’ll see the little tome in all its glory in Vegas at the tradeshow in a couple weeks. Phew. Glad this one is wrapped up.

- - - -

And for all of you inquiring about the address in which to send “DDC Once-A-Month Card Set” loot to, here it is:

Aaron James Draplin
Draplindustries Design Co.
1425 SE 24th Ave #101
Portland OR 97214

Make all checks payable to “Aaron James Draplin.” Send as much as you want. Thanks again for the support.