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Some proud Reno-ite has surfaced to correct our feeble attempt at nailing their municipal slogan. We stand corrected. For what it’s worth, we present to you the updated motto: Reno, Nevada… “The Biggest Little City In The World.”

Please remember, we run off a half-ass fact-checking system based in our peabrain, and well, from time to time, we drop the ball. We were close, with other fitting, catchy jingles that came to mind:

Some Reno runner-ups:

01. “We’re A Real Shithole!”
02. “A Great Place To Drift To!”
03. “Lose Yer Ass Here, Then Wish It Was Vegas!”
04. “Not Quite Desert, Not Quite Mountains…But Quite A Dump.”
05. “The Dirtiest Clean City In The World.”

and our favorite, that rung a bell deep within us….

06. “Any Place That Can Claim A Nakamoto Is A Place That You Oughta Stay Outta.”

Some real humdingers in there, eh? We look forward to getting the keys to the city, shortly after we fly in.

There is One Comment

I can’t think about Reno without relating it to some sad, creepy Richmond Fontaine song. That’s Reno to me.

Happy Holidays, fucker.

Posted by: Ryno on 12/23/03 at 10:15 AM