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Draplin Design Co., North America
December 05, 2003
Posted at 05:12 PM

A welcome end to a busy week. Lots of CINCO time put in. Lots of projects inching closer and closer towards completion/printing.

Trying to figure out something to do over the holidaze. Road trip to Reno? Flight to an obscure city somewhere, then a rental car to “cruise the gut” and find adventure? I wish I could fly home, but those flights are too spendy and time consuming.

There is talk of mom and dad flying out here in January, and man, that sounds so good.

HOUSE HUNTING: In bit of a a “holding pattern.” (That’s some big design firm speak for “waiting on some other fucker to get you the stuff in before you can move on it. I love the office speak. Funny stuff. Lots of double talk in the spirit of being calm but persuasive, standoffish yet prying, gentle yet forceful. Lots of hot air.)

I’ve seen the nice joints, that are big and beautiful, but offer up rough neighborhoods. Hey, as homeowner, husband and parent Bry Aleshire put it, “Location is everything.” He’s onto something there. We’re doing our best to find a mellow area in which, to “lay the loot down.”

- - - -

LINE OF THE DAY: “We need more horses pulling the wagon.”
(In reference to adding more designers to a behemoth catalog project. Love that shit.)