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Draplin Design Co., North America

Booked a ticket yesterday for a flight to Reno–“The Smallest Big City in the World” as all proud Reno-ites claim–where I will be resting, only for a couple minutes before I head down to the Mammoth Mountain area.

I spoke with Pat “the eYe” Bridges, of SNOWBOARDER magazine fame, a couple days back and well, he inspired me to get off my ass and go south. He’ll be up there holding down the Hana Beaman fort; snowboarding, working and entertaining.

Plans are in the works to spend some time with the Kassholes as well. Very good. High level talks are scheduled between the Draplindustries Design Co. and the Grenade Glove company.

Plus, alpine enthusiasts, this big oaf is excited to announce that this trip is electrifying for another reason, beside the standard “traveling really fucking far to be with brethen” song and dance, as we’re proud to announce we are officially “coming out of retirement” concerning our less-than-flattering “off-hill” snowboarding status.

So yeah, we’re gonna shred. Very excited to be cold, with special fondness for the dull ache of a lengthy getback, as well as the bite of frostbite.

To the rest down there: Rose, you big hunk of rugula, you oughta be coming up too…you pissant. Michaylira, you have no idea what sort of wrath will be unleashed on those hills. Chief, you overpaid donkey, you would be left in the dust. Tough talk. Hot air.

Christmas will be spent with good friends, which is what I had planned before I clicked “purchase” on the Southwest Airlines site. I wish Rod Snell could come down, as I was planning on hanging with him and his close ones on the big day. Sorry to flake…this fucker has to get outta town, for reasons of sanity. Rod, plans are in the works to ride this weekend at Meadows, so be sure to give me a ring. Gotta see if “I still got it” on the hill.

- - - -

The new machine is humming along amazingly well. Lots of power.

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I’ll believe this snowboarding “claim” when I see it. A photo BETTER be posted on this site of DDC with the 1-2-3. Where’s my postcards, bitch?

Posted by: Evan on 12/19/03 at 9:54 AM

RNO and south for the holidays? Talk to Nakamoto, if theres anything I can do to help, let me know.

Posted by: undergroundminer on 12/19/03 at 8:04 PM

You had better be good and ready to back all that shit talk up because I’ll be there to capture each and every misstep in the liftline and heel side washout as they occur.

Film don’t lie.

Can’t wait to make some turns with you.

Posted by: Zimmerman on 12/20/03 at 8:26 PM

Um, are you being sarcastic with that “smallest big city” hooey? ‘Cuz here in Reno, we’s “The biggest little city in the world!”


Posted by: Sim on 12/22/03 at 6:51 AM