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December 29, 2003
Off To The Big Apple
Posted at 10:15 PM


I�m off to the big city New York tomorrow night. I will be traveling north to Seattle where I�ll be engaging in high-level discussions�involving matters of print�with Brad Scheuffele of COAL headwear. He�s gonna watch over Big S while we�re in the city. Parking is 20 bucks a day at the SeaTac airport. I�d rather give the loot to Brad or maybe a bum in downtown.

Speaking of COAL headwear, their new site has been up, running and spreading the good word about headwear for a little over a month. Proudly built, with mass help from outside sources, by the good people of the DDC.

I�ll be in NYC from the morning of the 31st through the night of the 5th. Big plans are in the works. Gonna stay with those Cooley brothers in Brooklyn, as well as cousin Tom up in Harlem. Real excited to see everyone. I hope to run into Adam Michaels as well, so we�ll be keeping our eyes wide open as we cruise around town.

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nice work on the Coal site. Props to you and mass help! Some fetching headgear there, will have to investigate further.

Posted by: Naz on 12/29/03 at 11:28 PM

Say Hi to Tom, Beth, Ella and Owen for me! Have a great time - Times Square at New Years is completely friggin’ crazy! Be safe!

Posted by: Sarah on 12/30/03 at 6:10 PM

Venturing into my home town I see. Since when does a white boy have family connects up in Harlem?!?! u shouldv’e told me you’d be literally up in my ‘hood; I could’ve recommended some fly spots for you to check out.

Posted by: Jamie on 01/05/04 at 12:27 AM

Dear Aaron,
Well, I’m stuck here in Jasper, Indiana. Believe me, it’s no fun at all. Well, I was hopping a train down from Ft. Wayne to Memphis, and I took up with some hobos. One night I was just about to fall asleep and one of them started kissing me and touching my crotch. I guess he didn’t like it too much when I pushed him away, because he ended up throwing me and my pal Toad off. Toad ended up with a big cut in his leg that got really infected, and I’ve been spending most of my days looking around for food for him and trying to find some work. I’m really hoping he gets better and doesn’t die, but he hardly stays awake at all anymore. We’ve been staying under a bridge, and its been real hard to find any dry firewood. I’m almost out of my athsma medication, too, and my glasses got broke. I’ll try to call sometime if I get any extra money.

Your Pal,

Posted by: Ryno on 01/06/04 at 3:57 PM