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Draplin Design Co., North America
December 16, 2003
Dual 1.8GHz PowerPC G5
Posted at 04:30 PM


Dual 1.8GHz PowerPC G5
900MHz frontside bus/processor
512K L2 cache/processor
512MB DDR400 128-bit SDRAM
160GB Serial ATA
Three PCI-X Slots
NVIDIA GeForce FX 5200 Ultra
64MB DDR video memory
56K internal modem

- - - -

Setting the beast up tonight.

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damn you!

Posted by: -=CLEMENS=- on 12/16/03 at 4:58 PM

Funny how you’ve got all that goddamn firepower; more RAM than some of the machines I used in college had hard disk space, blah blah blah, and then the list finishes off with a 56k modem; the one thing that they can’t seem to squeeze more out of with all their wizardry. Phone lines be damned; these are the times of high-speed innernet, not AOL 3.0 dialup. Funny contrast.

Anyway, congrats on the new machine, seems like just yesterday you had a different new one. But you can never keep up, my friend. Never.

Posted by: Centris Chmiel on 12/16/03 at 6:54 PM

Tax time is coming in four months, and this motherfucker needed a beast of a “2003 write off” to battle it. So it goes. I’ll be “trading in” my previous 867mhz/1.5gb/80gb rig on this new machine, should get around 700 big ones for it. So rad. Yeah, fuck the 56k modem…I have my fancy-dancy cable modem hooked in…so this thing hums on the web. Things are good on the computing front…amazed/scared at how much of my little, fleabit, sad, depressed, graying life is spent on it…creating, surfing, paying bills, chatting, working, etc. Insane how connected one can get, and how you rely on it. One part cool, one part fucked.

Lots of swearing in this post, as my “single” status allows for a autonomous, sailor-friendly banter.

“Everything goes when anything goes.” -Paul Westerberg

Posted by: Aaron "1.8mhz" Draplin on 12/16/03 at 7:17 PM

You don’t even know what a PCI-X Slot is bitch!

Posted by: Michaylira on 12/17/03 at 8:11 AM

Mr. Michaylira,

The proper punctuation for yer post goes like this,

“You don’t even know what a PCI-X Slot is, bitch!”

See the comma in there? Yeah, good.

Don’t let it happen again, you keyboard hack.

Thank you for yer time,

Draplindustries Public Relations

Posted by: Aaron "frontside bus/processor" Draplin on 12/17/03 at 8:45 AM


One lucky bastard.

Posted by: Naz on 12/17/03 at 11:23 AM

PS. Just thought I’d jump on the potty-mouthed sailor bandwagon there.

Posted by: Naz on 12/17/03 at 11:24 AM

N E R D!!!

I’m just jealous, I think.

Posted by: Bry on 12/17/03 at 2:56 PM

Lucky some-bitch. I have powerPC envy.

Truth be told, this thing doesn’t hold a candle to my Power Computing 180 MHz Powertower Pro with an “upgraded” 256 Mb of RAM.

Fuck, sad isn’t it?

My New Year’s resolution is a new machine. Have fun with the Panther. Look out for the hole in the ramp.


Posted by: Mr. Campbell on 12/18/03 at 8:43 AM