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October 02, 2003
Loving the gray skies.
Posted at 02:12 PM


Loving the gray skies. Fucking loving it. Walked to work today, enjoying a mini “chill to the bones” as the cars whizzed by up and down Hawthorne. Felt like fall. Wish it was like this all year long. No shit.

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My dear Draplin, the “More…” doesn’t go anywhere. Is it supposed to?

Posted by: Naz on 10/02/03 at 2:21 PM

word. I’m loving the weather. where da rain


Posted by: jim on 10/02/03 at 3:00 PM

Oops. Wrong upload window.

Posted by: Draplin on 10/02/03 at 3:15 PM

Temp: About 39 at 10:55 p.m. EST
Location: Sleeping Bear Dunes Area
Wind: Howlin’
Leaves: Still green
Wood burned: 1 armload of Red Maple
Freighter Traffic - Manitou Passage: Mild today

Posted by: berger on 10/02/03 at 7:58 PM

Hey there fella
the weather is great down in the “dirty south” too.

Posted by: Jess Brennan on 10/02/03 at 9:50 PM

Hey Jess! Nice to hear from you. Hope things are going amazing for you down there in the big south. 5 points!

Take care, come back soon… //aaron

Posted by: Draplin on 10/02/03 at 11:15 PM