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Draplin Design Co., North America
September 16, 2003
Posted at 10:36 PM

And then there are those days, where we all work together as a team and meet the project’s objectives. We all come together to solve the problems.

These are my favorite days at Cinco.

Everyone has a piece of the pie. From the bigwigs down to the smallwigs, we all put our two cents in, pushing towards the final comp. I like the interaction, and the collective power of “multiple hands in working together.”

- - - -

Hobo Kris is in town and thank God, she isn’t a Hobo anymore. Bike Messenger Kris is in town. The Okins girls are completed for the time being. Very lethal. Estrogen-laced dance parties are taking place nightly. Veggie meals keep the tanks fueled. They walk to the streets to the beats of Motley Cre, kicking ass and taking names. Hard bitches. Really.

Bikerat Kris plans on moving out here, completing the Okins triple threat.

Collectively, they go for my throat. We do our best to fend them off.

- - - -

Real excited for the Midwest adventure. Three long weeks away. Big plans are in the works. Kurt signed on for a night in Milwaukee, followed by a day in Chicago. I gonna outfit him in a new Carhartt jacket (y’know, cuz winter is coming) and he’s gonna squeeze me into some Prada somethings.

Ryno, get the KIA oiled up, we’re going up to White Bear Lake to look for future wives.

I spoke to my mom today. Real excited to see everyone back there. The woman makes a mean batch of spaghetti sauce, which I plan on gorging during my days in Traverse City.

- - - -

Fall Reading List from DRAPazon.com:

01. Making It Big In The Movies by Richard Kiel
02. Chip Kidd by Veronique Vienne
03. Quimby the Mouse by Chris Ware
04. Bowled Over: A Roll Down Memory Lane by Gideon Bosker
05. Acme Novelty Datebook by Chris Ware
06. American Signs: Form and Meaning on Route 66 by Lisa Mahar
07. Grain Elevators by Lisa Mahar


There is One Comment

White Bear Lake, hmmmmmmm? Can a wild critter sue for the right to a name?

Posted by: WhiteBear on 09/17/03 at 12:52 PM