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Draplin Design Co., North America
September 08, 2003
Posted at 09:32 PM

Back from San Diego. Thank God. No more Southern California for me. Basically: Can’t stand the fucking place. Palm trees, bronzed boobjobs, hype, style wars, clogged freeways and lots of unrelenting heat and beauty and sunshine.

I came home to cloudy skies and rain. Fuck yeah. It poured straight down and hard. I found myself thanking the heavens above. Rain soaked my clothes. It came in through the windows and my desk was floating…

Before I get too carried away, let me comment on my weekend:

The highlights of the show were:

01. Being there to see our Nixon booth projects come to life. Some good struff going on. Some not-so-good ones too. “Tradeshow booth design” is a fickle arena. You need big budgets to pull off things properly. All in all, a good job was carried out. It’s always nice to see the Nixon watches people. Chad Hilton tops the list, with his carefree life-giving flow of niceness. A good kid, a brother.

02. Seeing a whole slew of fucks, including, and in no particular order (cuz they all kiss my ass equally): Rose, Bridges, Chief, Michay-lear-rye-aye, Tevis, Jared, Sue, the Kasshole family allstars, San Francisco Lee (of Capozzi fame), Zimmerman, Pinski, assorted Grenerds, Nixon peoples, Coulter, Jessica from NYC, Piney, Muzzey, Embry, Marty, Mikey, Zergeballs…

For whatever reason, completely out of our hands, it was real hot out. Muggy. San Diego’s nights have always been good to me. Mellow days, cool nights. Not this time. Sweating pigs, all of us.

Glad to be back. No more California.

There is One Comment

Hey Aaron…

I’m doing a trade show this week in Novi. It’s the AmCon/SME show. It’s nice to get out of work for a few days.

I was in Mississippi last month for work. I went to visit Eaton Aerospace. It was so fucking hot I thought I was going to pass out. It was like 95 and the humidity felt like it was 200. When you walked outside, your lungs fucking hurt. They were commenting on what a mild summer this has been and it is usually 105 around this time, sometimes hotter. I was like….FUCK THIS!

I flew home, and I got off the plane at 12:30am. It was 68 and I could breathe! Man that felt good. I drove home with the windows down just fucking enjoying it. I have come to realize that no matter how much winter sucks here at times, I like it here. This is home.

I have looked for Nixon watches and I have not found one yet. Is there a certain place that sells these? I also want one of your fabulous shirts but I’ve yet to see any order info? You know you could have people pay online with a visa and you have the money with the order.

Anyhow…glad you’re back home and enjoying it. Chat with ya soon!

Posted by: Uncle Terry on 09/10/03 at 5:48 AM