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Draplin Design Co., North America
August 31, 2003
Posted at 09:18 PM

Lots to talk about. Couple things worth sharing.

The weekend is coming along just fine. Enjoying the time off. CINCO is in high swing, readying a ton of projects for final completion at the ASR tradeshow in San Diego. We’re heading down there late next week for a couple days of action. Looking forward to seeing the Nixon booth we built and a slew of low life fucks who I used to run with during my time in SoCal. You know who you are.

High level talks are slated with CINCO clients, funlance and friends. San Diego Schman Schmiego. No biggie. We’re working.

Here’s a shot from last year’s debacle, appropriately titled, “Not One Of My Finer Moments”. Tall tales: Word is, I puked so violently, my lung collapsed. Something like that. Just kidding. I did a little drinking, and I’ll be a herniated disc in a Jewish man’s lower spine, it got the best of me, I was hung over in the California sun, left on the streets by Rose and Bridges. Thanks for nothing.

- - - -

MELISSA UPDATE: Her school papers are in and she’s “going to bat” in about three weeks. College. The Big Time. Very proud of the girl. It’s a big leap. She is gigantically fired up and I gotta say, “She’s gonna put a hurt on those classes.” Real good.

Dyed her hair deep red. Kind of likes her manager. Lots of dirty looks from the co-pilot seat of Big S. Always willing to debate all levels of the DDC. One big stupid-ass crush on the DDC. Enjoys a good glass of wine. Or a bottle.

ANGE UPDATE: Dyed her hair black. Hates her manager. Lots of dirty looks from the back seat of Big S. Always willing to take on all levels of the DDC. Lots of stupid-ass secret crushes. Enjoys a good glass of wine. Or a bottle.

So happy together….

- - - -


Lots of shirt orders coming in. Thanks to everyone who’s thrown the loot down. Patience is virtue/they are in the mail. For more info, scroll down, or click here, concerned consumer. They are going fast. Buy an “XL” and grow into it.

- - - -

DDC “Movie of the Summer”: Lots of tears shed this summer over different pictures. Some good ones, some bad ones. We won’t go into detail about the bummers. With September only three hours away, the summer movie season is coming to a close.

The votes are in. Our pick for the summer is “28 Days Later.” Real good. Now, those previews are misleading and are designed under the “dumbest buy the mostest” principle. I thought this flick was gonna be some tear ‘em up/spit ‘em out horror deal. Not so.

Our review: Tastefully done, in all uses of angle, film grain, setting, language, action and character casting. The use of “cinematic restraint” is what made the scary moments that much more interesting and climactic. Very well done. Eerie, believable, exciting. Uh, “A Thrill Ride.” Seriously though, this one held our attention all the way through. No rolled eyes. No, “C’mon, you Hollywood fucks!” None of that. The English do it right. Same guys who did Trainspotting. All in attendance enjoyed the night out. Thumbs up from Melissa, Ange and Aaron.

- - - -

Sean sent me a copy of LINES down from Seattle. Hard to believe it is actually in my hands, and on my coffee table. Lots went into it. Much excitement. Go buy a copy and relive some classic moments in snowboard photography. We’re proud of this one.

- - - -

Try this little flash wonder out. Lots of fun. Pretty amazing coding going on. Bloody, man, real bloody.

Hell, we even made our own, and man, it hurt. Have fun.

- - - -

Lance Dalgart finally got his site out of the gutter and it’s been turned on. Check out his work at a site that has his name as it’s title: www.lancedalgart.com

- - - -

All you Uncle Tupelo fans, click absolutely right here for the “Chickamauga” and “The Long Cut” motion picture videos. I bought Anodyne in 1993, already behind the times. By the time I was super hot on them I was out west and well, they were broken up and on to new stuff. These guys were it. I remember seeing their names in the Detroit papers, for shows at St. Andrew’s Hall and so on. I wish I woulda understood back then. Amazing. These songs mean a lot to me.

There Are 4 Comments

Hey, if you didnt’ ship those shirts off I’d be willing to take them off your hands at the trade show/freak-a-thon in San Diego.

Look for a Hard Rock repeat at the Grenerd premier.

Good livin’

Posted by: Tim on 09/01/03 at 12:06 AM

Yep, I’ll bring them down. I almost put stamps on them…but, I’ll refrain and bring ‘em to the show.

Real Good™. See you down there.

Posted by: DDC Shirt Processing Div. on 09/01/03 at 12:38 AM

I would add to your list of adjectives pertaining to “28 Days Later” : Tired, Cliche, Laughable, Already-Been-Done-To-Death, and A-Total-Waste-Of-Money.

Damn, Drap. I can’t believe they suckered you with that crud.

Now “Open Range,” that’s a fim. Very manly. Very good. Duvall is the second coming.

Posted by: Ryno, Critic on 09/01/03 at 10:31 AM

Heard your coming down to swim in the”Bro-Muda-Triangle”. If you still have em, bring me a PO/DB in L and I’ll give you 13 un-lucky ones. Still have hats?

Posted by: jerms on 09/02/03 at 11:49 PM