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Draplin Design Co., North America

Mr. “Whitebear”, as he goes by in the previous comment section, represents a small-but-virile percent of this gazette’s reading clientele.

Demographic-wise, this group falls into the sub section of folks who are better served hiding in the shadows…standing on the sidelines…quiet but stern, ready for the attack if need be…a faceless–but nevertheless faithful–group of readers who drop in from time to time to make peace with those who, shall we say, “run the show” on the DDC Factory Floor.

We welcome you with a firm handshake and a look dead in the eye, and challenge you and yer organization to get on here more often and “tell things like it is”, even if yer perspective is blurred with the random maple syrup hangover; a common phenomena that plagues a taken aback few in yer neck of the woods.

That’s what the world needs more of, “Straight Talk” that might be filed under “like it is” category.

We appreciate yer good words and bighearted concern.

- - - -

In closing: Mr. Whitebear, regarding my colorful MCAD brethren, I hope to God (or whoever) that Kurt does turn his pain (a bright, shimmering sort of white hot with the just the cutest little lettering) into a positive chapter in his life. I pray that Ryno finds employment and can rest assured that after a hard day of work he can come home, gaze at his misties and say to himself, “I feel good. I feel proud. Time for a cold Grainbelt.” I look up in the sky and find myself hoping that PJ is watched over with a vigilant eye, as he circumnavigates the city with “balls-wielding” gentleman on the most hellish two wheelers since the “slow” kid–who peddled his trike around our little town–hit a curb and broke a wheel off. I find solace in the fact that I know Berling is enjoying his education and more importantly that big ol’ Wisconsin summer sausage he has piled into his Diesel jeans. My mind crosses a large sea as I wonder if Andy Maniotes has kept the Netherlands up to snuff with his archetypal, stoic, stranger -to-stranger “no holds barred” code of chivalry. I hope things are okay with all of ‘em.

And for me, well, I just try to keep things “out of the red” in all matters, be it family, finance, girlstuff or otherwise.

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Thanks, Draplin - you wellwishing prick.

I wish I could afford a 6 pack of icy cold Grain Belt right now. Mmmmmmmmmmmm…….

Posted by: Ryno on 07/19/03 at 1:33 PM

Some wise and heartfelt words. Good stuff.

Posted by: Naz on 07/19/03 at 2:40 PM

Thanks for the kinds words Drap and (Rose?). Glad to know that there are a few out there who don’t think I’m a total sonofabitch. I’ll squeal the Deathdealer’s tires tonight in your honor as I ride through the city alone, the Lone Biker of the Apocalypse, (Especially Hard on the Little Things).

Posted by: PJ "The Goddamn Chicago Fire" Chmiel on 07/21/03 at 7:27 PM

Interesting post. I didn’t know I had “a code of chivalry,” but nice to see a mention.

The Draplin take on the MCAD gang was dead on. Loved the Wisconsin sausage part. I guess I should try this legendary Grain Belt Beer.

The Netherlands was great and I made a lot of friends over there plus learned a lot in workshops and studio visits. Unlike the most the Americans I traveled with, the Hollanders seem to like loud and boisterous people.

Speaking of Holland and MCAD…ran into both Adam Michael’s and Kali Nikitas in Amsterdam on separate occasions. Unplanned surprises.

Posted by: Maniotes on 08/11/03 at 12:53 AM