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Draplin Design Co., North America
July 10, 2003
Posted at 12:41 PM

Things have been real busy. Phew.

01. Lots of CINCO work going out the door…tons.
02. A fucking gargantuan pile of freelance.
03. Throw in a new site design too.
04. Almost got the 2002 “Once-A-Month” cards finished up.
05. Gocco muscle.
06. Visiting colleagues.
07. Early morning airport shuttles.
08. Hungry robins to feed every three hours.
09. Management of a fecund cat hair, near epidemic proportions.
10. Keeping the finances square.
11. Primping myself for D’s wedding.

In fact, we’re too busy to comment any further.

There Are 9 Comments

I check your site 53 times per day, and I am also a bit disturbed by the lack of friendly fire ignited here. Your friends seem to possibly be of the uncaring, bitch-ass nature (save Ryno and Kurt), and maybe don’t appreciate the nice DDC gifts (stickers, postcards, MESH BASEBALL CAPS) they may (or may NOT) recieve from the factory floor on occasion. Perhaps it is in your best interest to write these peoples off as cretins.

Posted by: Pipe Trucker Bear on 07/10/03 at 1:38 PM

Man, I wish I could get some DDC Factory Floor lovin’. I love your design work Draplin, great stuff. I saw some of your handiwork (DDC sticker) in PJ’s apartment, niiiicee. Props sir!

Posted by: Naz on 07/10/03 at 2:16 PM

Mr. Naz,

Listen up, I’m not gonna blow smoke up yer ass or anything, but I gotta say, “Props right back at ‘cha.”

All those webworlds you maintain and manage to update so well…fuck, you are a busy bee! Pretty impressive. My “web skills” are basically moot. Hell, even Ryno has me beat in matter of digital linkage.

Before this turns into a “online smoke blowin’ fest,” I’ll retreat and sum shit up. I check yer sites every couple days, to keep up on things with ya. I got a feeling: Me and you, we’d see eye to eye. Any brother of PJ’s is a brother of mine. Real good.

Send yer coordinates in and I’ll build you a kit for immediate delivery.

Posted by: Draplin on 07/10/03 at 3:09 PM

The smoke blowin’ will cease indeed. I feel the mutual respect and it is good. I’ll be sending you those coordinates pronto.

Posted by: Naz on 07/10/03 at 3:17 PM

I’m all VAKLEMPT!!!!!

Posted by: Uncle Terry on 07/11/03 at 6:10 AM

Aaron, whey you gotta go making fuyn of my spelling.? as if my self esteem wasn;t low enough rigjht now…

Posted by: Kurt Halsey on 07/11/03 at 8:29 AM

Oh yeah, and did I mention that my ex girlfriend is going to be in chicago this weekend, masturbating on Phillip’s bed? Fuck for that.

Posted by: Kurt Halsey on 07/11/03 at 8:30 AM

Hey now, easy there Tiger!
No need to bring anyone bed into this.

I can’t say what she’ll be doing, cause I’ll be watching guys teabag each other at the scooter rally in Rockford…but I seriously doubt that masturbation is on the itinerary. Jesus Christ Kurt, ya gots 2 chill!

Posted by: "Satin Sheets" Chmiel on 07/11/03 at 9:07 AM

Just bought a Cobra 75wx st today for my 02 jeep wrangler. Mounted my 5’ Wilson fiberglass antenna on the rear bumper frame. Used about 8-9’ of co-ax that the CB shop gave me. I wired the Cobra to my wire harness for my lighter. Went to radio shack and got there $20 dollar swr meter. I made the antenna adjustments and I’m at about 1.5-1.6 on the swr meter. I have tried all night to get a radio check on channel 19 and others. No response. I can hear conversations but nothing very clear.

Did the guy who sold this cobra to me rip me off? Is this radio any good at all? Is the place that he told me to mount my antenna wrong? Is 1.5-1.6 ok for swr? I am seeing other people in the forum with 1.2 and 1.3. I have played with the antenna all night to get a bette swr and thats the best. I am new to this stuff so I apologize for the ignorance.

P.S. I was told by a friend that the 75wx st doesn’t transmit very well…is this true?