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Draplin Design Co., North America
July 24, 2003
Farrar was well worth it.
Posted at 11:41 AM

Farrar was well worth it. Fred Green and I–in all of our “suffering” glory–apprehensively approached the “big night out at the Farrar show” with a cautious ambivalence. See, Farrar isn’t known for his “stage antics” or “performer-to-crowd persona.” He plugs in, says a quick, “Hey” and plows through the tunes. Some nights you’ll sit there and the whole things feels a bit painful, tiresome and rushed.

He seemed to be enjoying himself up there. If I remember correctly, I think he may have even cracked a little smile at one point.

The show was real uplifter. The guy just has these moments that are so prolific. Great lyrics, great wordplay, great imagery. Just plain great.

Fred and I had a good time.

Tim Easton opened the night. We nodded off during his set a bit. Great pickin’ but too much of that “Dylan-esque singer/songwriter guttural inflection cliché” stuff.

And one more thing: I’d like to extend a hearty “Fuck You” to the nit-picked staff of the Aladdin Theater, especially the big gorilla who tried to grab my digi-cam from behind me, who ended up making me erase all the footage I shot of the show. The goons are too easy to talk down. Bumbling idiots trying to shoot me down with “policy talk.” I just gave in. Not worth the battle. I caved in and started erasing. Oh well.

- - - -

Other than finding a couple hours to relax with Fred, things have been thick and full. CINCO never, ever lets up, not for a goddamn minute. Long meetings, a “focus group” trip to the Hood summer camps, strategizing, designing, mechanicalizing, etc. Non-stop. Ho-hum.

- - - -

Small Ange rolled into town a couple days back from Minneapolis. Now Melissa’s Portland life is complete. She’s got her little counterpart out here. Trouble should ensue. They have been catching up, cruising around town, stayin’ up late and such. It’s good to see Melissa beaming. They plan on “getting their own place” coming up here real quick. Perfect. Get those goddamn hair dispenser cats off the DDC Factory Floor once and for all.

White Minh has been sheddin’ like no other in his breed. Fuck, you just look at him and the hair falls out. Peculiar.

- - - -

Almost to August. Got a big weekend planned for D’s wedding back in Michigan. Lookin’ forward to seeing everyone, especially the parents. Real tired of being so far away from the ones I’m closest to.

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I’ve been avoiding Farrar shows since I slipped that disc stage diving.

Real crowd pleaser.

Posted by: Ryno on 07/24/03 at 11:48 AM

I saw Wilco. Tweedy broke his guitar amp cause he rocked so hard.

Aaron, you are holding up the factory floor here at KHFucking Cute Co. We need your input on the 9 point auto focus… We had hoped to have ordered the system by now.

I don’t know you, but bring along an extra card and swith them out before you go through security next time. That way you’ll save your invaluable shots.

Posted by: Joe Putnam on 07/25/03 at 8:39 AM

I know, I know. I went over it in my mind–instantly–as the goon was escorting me out. Basically, have an extra card with a couple random clips on it, then do a quick “switch” while I dramatically “yank out” my contraband card.

I know. Funny thing is, I had another card back in the rig, but didn’t think I’d need it.

But ya see, he had me on the spot, “busted” in the middle of a song. The trick will be to get the goods, then switch out as the heat dies down.

Keep living on the edge, Joe.

Posted by: Draplin on 07/25/03 at 9:26 AM

Draplin, thanks for the nice “sculpture” I found on my monitor.

Posted by: Dean on 07/25/03 at 2:31 PM

You bum, you said we were getting on the site. Post that nice picture of me and your cat. Caption: Come here you dirty little rodent!

Posted by: mc on 07/25/03 at 10:11 PM