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Draplin Design Co., North America

Wow. Lots of activity in the comments section these last bunch of days. Good stuff. It’s always the same group of fucks, though. Don’t get me wrong, said “fucks” are of the highest caliber of family, friends and colleagues and the Draplindustries Design Co. cherishes their contributions and unwarranted slander. C’mon now, daily readers, (we know you are out there…) leave some words behind after stopping by. Got a bone to pick? Want to spread some good cheer around? Go for it. Let that voice be heard.

- - - -

The week is slowing down to a slow crawl. I’ve more or less resigned my sad self to the realization that CINCO is always gonna be “fuckin’ busy as all hell.” Things never slow down. Full-bore. No complainin’ here…this frequency keeps the loot flowing, which is always good. Lots of shit on the plate. Tired fingers. Tired eyes. Tired hearts.

I did plug the electric gee-tar in though, only an arm’s reach away from my CINCO desk. I’ve been shredding in between ad comps and unanswered emails. After hours–once the troops have called it a night and split–I crank the ol’ tube amp up and let loose. Feels good. Ears ring and teeth vibrate. Stay tuned, a World Tour is in the planning stages.

- - - -

Kris Okins–sister to Melissa, pain-in-the-ass to Draplin–has balls.

Sure, get past the fact they may be small, pink and soft; and this phenomena may raise an eyebrow or two due to the fact she is 100% girl, but, she’s got ‘em, and she’s been proving it for last couple of days. See, she embarked on a journey that few make and even fewer survive, but many dream about. Three nights back little Kris–no more than a hundred pounds soaking wet–jumped a train out of Minneapolis.

Train hopping, folks. No shit. The girl has got balls.

The last couple days have been tense. Lots of speculation about missed steps resulting in “falling under the wheels” as well as a downward spiral of sad thoughts involving bad language, corned beef hash and murder.

My vote is that she’ll make it, and have a little beard and maybe a black eye.

Kris, you adventurin’ barrel stiff, chances are you won’t come across an Internet connection out there, so we’ll take this opportunity to get if off our chests:

01. Be careful. Yer sister is worried sick, and while we’re at it, make that, “the whole family” is worried sick.
02. Don’t get involved with any hobos. They tend to move around a lot and will break yer heart.
03. Watch out for Bulls in the trainyards.

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AUTHOR: 50 Cent
EMAIL: nigga@niggaland.com
URL: http://www.blacksonbitches.com
DATE: 06/20/2003 07:03:11 PM

Posted by: 50 Cent on 06/20/03 at 7:03 PM

EMAIL: JLOFucka@Biggass.com
URL: http://www.free-jennifer-lopez-j-lo-nude-naked-pics.com/lyrics_jennifer_lopez_jenny_from_the_block_20.htm
DATE: 06/20/2003 07:05:09 PM

Posted by: P-Diddy on 06/20/03 at 7:05 PM

When are you going to bring Puffy, I mean P-Diddy to the OC?

Posted by: Roderick on 06/20/03 at 8:42 PM

You guys rule. So good.

Uh, Awwwwwww yeah.

Posted by: Draplin on 06/20/03 at 8:43 PM

Straight offa Hawthorne, Crazy motherfucker named Draplin. From a gang called designers with attitude. When I’m called on, I get my mouse out. Push the button and ads are sent out. You too PC boy, if you fuck with me. Goo is gonna have to come and get me off your ass or that’s how you’re going out.

Posted by: NWA on 06/20/03 at 8:53 PM

Ahnee…….be careful with those loud amps! You REALLY don’t want to participate in any activities that make your ears ring….ear ringing is a bad thing - it means permanent hearing loss…..and now that I’m still offically unemployed, I can’t get you a kick ass hearing aid at cost!

Hello Kris! Welcome to Portland (in a couple days)!

Hey BITCH (Merlissa)….Why don’t you return my goddamn phone calls? Am I not important anymore because Starbucks is ruling you life?

- Sarah (aaron’s most un-favorite sister)

Posted by: Sarah on 06/21/03 at 7:02 AM

AUTHOR: The Pentagon
EMAIL: www.suckmynuts@poopass.nuttbutter
URL: http://lightning.prohosting.com/~unikon/rapm/rapm.htm
DATE: 06/21/2003 09:37:41 AM

Posted by: The Pentagon on 06/21/03 at 9:37 AM

Love the art work guys. I was an intern for draplin when he was at snowboarder. just thought I would join the gang of people who make comments. look forward to hearing more from me.

Posted by: Clemens on 06/21/03 at 6:07 PM

Nice (ugh) pictures of aaron with a gun; makes my stomach turn…….don’t get it, son. This may take a phone call to explain it all…..

queasy in TC,

yo’ mamma

Posted by: mamma d. on 06/21/03 at 7:16 PM

Aw Ryno, now you gone and got Aaron’s momma all upset with your photoshopery. And it was just her birthday for poop’s sake.

Posted by: Kurt Halsey on 06/21/03 at 8:31 PM

I see all these nifty Photoshop wannabe images of Draplin with guns, Draplin with rap stars, and various white boy dunk shots. Not to mention the wealth of obscure porno sites hidden in the fake post names (the research time on those alone…).

Does Ryno actually PAINT anything any more?

Peace and Harmony,

Posted by: Maniotes on 06/22/03 at 3:38 AM

yep, momma’s a little upset.

Aaron’s ‘wanna-be’ hippy parents would never let him play with guns as a toddler, until one day he fashioned a ‘gun’ from twigs in the yard……we figured it was a losing battle and tried to steer him to the space gun genre…..ala his life-long interest in Star Wars…..

Also, back in the days of the Gulf War in the early nineties, as we watched it unfold on the household tv’s, Aaron expressed some concern as to whether this would or could escalate into a war, and whether he would have to participate? I told him coldly, in my l960’s liberal wanna-be hippy attitude that I would shoot him first (only in the foot), or we could move to Canada……I hate war, guns and even though I realize it is a harsh reality of our times, we should have the right to express our opinion.

Even though Aaron is seen posing with guns and thugs, Ryno’s artwork could be better served with other images of my son.

Now, all you guys out there listen: we do not want to see pictures of Aaron in a tu-tu or anything that extreme, but do we really need that peace-loving child posing with guns?

Sorry to compromise the comment section; I know this is all in fun…..

aaron’s mamma

Posted by: momma d. on 06/22/03 at 9:23 AM

You boys better read and reread my Ma’s latest post. She means business and you don’t want to rub her the wrong way.

Posted by: Draplin on 06/22/03 at 10:55 AM

Well, Mrs. Draplin, I must confess. All of these “doctered” images were done by my hand. Ryno is clean on this. It started with the basketball ones of myself, and escalated into this. Aaron himself will tell you that I weasel around like a black snake in the shadows, only poking out to bat my eyelids at the apocalypse and play innocent.

I have a lot of spare time on my hands.

If you knew me, then you would understand that the basketball images are about as far from my personal image as you could get. Hence the “thug” pictures with Aaron- they are not like him at all, and that is what is supposed to make them humerous. As the pieces grew in number, so did the stakes, and the Aaron line some how evolved from “street gangstas” to “government gangstas.” A large contingent of DDC readers are in fact “hip hop” fans (well, maybe only 2 that I can think of, but…), so really this was a desperate cry for attention and to impress on my part. How sad. Perhaps we should examine that aspect (or flaw, if you will) of my personality.

Posted by: Kurt Halsey on 06/22/03 at 1:47 PM

Again I have been incorrectly accused of wrongdoing. What a villain am I! Thanks, Kurt.

Posted by: Ryno, Victim. on 06/22/03 at 3:15 PM

Did anyone take notice that the grafixx were hosted by kurthalsey.com in the first-place? Huh, “Dragnet” Maniotes: Boulder-Chucking amateur Web Sleuth?


Posted by: Ryno on 06/22/03 at 3:18 PM

What the frizz is up with Snoop Dogg stealing Hickbonics from you? Did your words leak all the way to Long Beach?
Frizzed in TC, Bry

Posted by: Bry on 06/22/03 at 6:58 PM

Hey Bry, nice to hear from ya…

About the latest photoshoppery: Bunch of Brown Eyes messing with my image.

That’s okay though…I’m tough and roll with the punches, a survivor, a warrior, a walker–of–the–earth…

How’s little Eva? I hope she’s growing up real good. Mom tells me the latest, funneled down the line from Grandma Linda. Hell of a woman, that Mrs. Lichty is.

D’s wedding! I just got a plane ticket. Look forward to it. You guys better fuck him up real good at his bachelor party. Y’know, leave him in Indiana, get him beat up, get him arrested. Just something where he “loses his cool” one last time. Or, go skateboarding. Wish I could make it for the pre-game festivities.

Take care, talk to ya soon.

Posted by: Draplin on 06/22/03 at 8:04 PM


All is fine with the graphic play; I new it was all in fun, but couldn’t resist comments, as my stomach really did turn upon viewing my little boy aiming a gun……

Peace, little bunny.

momma d.

Posted by: mamma d. on 06/23/03 at 8:46 AM

We have added Mr. Draplins picture to our “Most Wanted” list.

Thank you for this information.

Posted by: John Ashcroft on 06/23/03 at 10:25 AM

Holy Shit, Aaron. Did you see the new G5?

Posted by: K5 halsey on 06/23/03 at 12:57 PM