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May 08, 2003
Posted at 11:51 PM

Man, we are still worn out.

Lots of action over the weekend. Rose, Chief and Bridges were in town for the RedBull Heavy Metal Rail contest. The contest went really well. So many contests that are “produced” by corporate sponsors can end up so overblown, staged and predictable…ultimately boring. Redbull and Volcom did this one right. Loose enough to have a good vibe, organized enough to be a tight production. The crowd was into it.

Lots of fuckers were in town for the event. Always nice to see all the snowboard media folks, athletes and lurkers. Good folks all and all.

One “all access” pass got the whole entourage in to the “workers/athletes only area.” Ha-ha.


01. Rose is always a handful, full of gusto, full of shit. Everyone’s favorite Jew gave a command performance to all in tow. Be it leaving piles of yanked chest hair around the house, yelling or getting loose on the pong table. Rose made the rainy days enjoyable. A handful in all situations. Family.

An ugly ping-pong battle took place at CINCO. He beat us in the endurance department. After a handful of triumphant wins he came back and nipped the series in the bud with one last win. Fucker. Lots of sweat, lots of screaming.

Rose turned “dirty thirty” on Wednesday. Happy Birthday, little buddy.

02. Chief is a lanky, smooth talkin’, Nike wearin’ bastard. He was up here on business, checking in with magazine accounts. The guy can “put ‘em away”, if you know what I’m sayin’. Multiple times, future drinking binges were sworn off. Yeah right. He manned the leather couch for a couple nights.

03. Bridges was Chief. Mean, lean and on the some path of enlightenment, his certain brand of lewdness made us miss the old days in SoCal.

- - - -

The best. The goddamned best.

- - - -

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I played Ping Pong with a donkey at J Otto’s website. That get’s pretty intense too, cause that donkey is good.

Posted by: Kurt Halsey on 05/10/03 at 7:59 AM

Wait for the “Ryno Takes Port-Land By Storm 2003 Tour.” Coming soon.

Shit to be fucked up. Special guests. Etc. Action!

Posted by: Ryno on 05/10/03 at 3:48 PM