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Those Flaming Lips are playing downtown tonight. Melissa and I are gonna pass up the Portland show, opting for a glimpse of Oklahoma’s Finest this Saturday night at the Gorge at George. They only do an hour set at the festival, but that’ll be fine. Maybe, just right. The drawn out set don’t get me like they used to.

I do wish we had tickets for them tonight…oh well. All day long, my headphones have been paying subtle tribute to them. Maybe we’ll take a spin downtown to check out tour bus specs and such. Hmmm.

- - - -

Not too much to report. Our nights have been filled with meals, takin’ walks, battling shit out on the tennis courts, wrastlin’, DVD watching and losing large amounts of sleep. Little bits and pieces of freelance have been rearing their ugly heads here and there.

I look forward to the Memorial Day weekend. The break will be nice. Many thoughts will go out to the servicemen and servicewomen who have laid it on the line over the years for our country.

As a kid, Memorial Day meant riding my bike out to the cemetery for a solemn salute to the fallen. I remember how proud the old men looked, all done up in their respective regalia. Memorial Day was a sign that summer was on the way…those easy days as the school year winds down to an end.

I’ll never forget those final days of class. Special days, filled with hopes of big summer fun. The best part, above all: Knowing you wouldn’t have be around those turds for another three months. Good times. I remember running home…so excited to “get our summers on.” Baseball, swimming at the beach with Mom, playin’ guns in the woods with neighborhood rats, horrific family trips to all points of the globe (Disneyworld, Colorado, etc.) and hot weeks spent with the Grandmas in metro area Detroit…good times.

Plans for this summer: I plan on being hot, being grumpy, saving loot, diggin’ the cool night air, enjoying the CINCO air conditioning…

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“….horrific family trips…..”

what or who the hell do you think instilled this wanderlust or travel adventure in you?

Maybe it was those horrific trips that made you want to see more of the country….

…….and, to think I gave up my life for you…..


Posted by: momma d. on 05/22/03 at 6:24 PM

I am going to see Wilco on June 13th at the Walker’s garden party thingy. I had to buy a membership just so I could then buy the tickets to see the boys. Your demo cd’s ar eint he mail. I don’t like the Flamming Lips though. Vanessa is crazy about them, and she’s always singing that stupid catchy robot song. I just can’t get into them, so I am sorry for that. I hope you like them in the gorge thingy. I saw them on Letterman a few months ago, and he couldn’t sing in tune at all and it was painful almost. Like watching the American Idol auditions… sort of like “how can you not hear that you are singing that out of tune?” I’m sure Letterman has a nice monitor system set up…

Ryno and I got the studio space. Ryan’s first thought was to open up one of the windows, stick his head out, drop a penny, and then give his approval to the fact that the fall would be enough to kill you. There is room for a third person in there, so when you move back to Mpls next year, you can move in and ease our rent a bit. We’ll try and keep the basketball away from your compooter.

Posted by: Kurt Halsey on 05/23/03 at 9:41 AM