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Draplin Design Co., North America
April 26, 2003
Settling In
Posted at 03:07 AM

All in all, a good week behind us.

Work was busy and all in attendance accomplished a grueling list of objectives. Lots going on at CINCO. Always is. Folks are working diligently on a multitude of projects.

- - - -

Melissa is settling in just fine. The flat is small, which has generated some talk of us “going crazy” all cooped up in these tight confines. No big whup. Patience and spatial respect will keep things cool with all who call the place home.

We need to be efficient with our space. The rent is the least of our worries, and man, that is a good thing. The place is ample, clean and in a safe, mellow, convenient neighborhood.

Real glad to have Melissa back out here. Things got a lot better when she entered the state. No shit. Our time free time has been well-spent: enjoying brisk walks, movies, garage sales, dinners out-on-the-town and made-by-our-own-hands, watchin’ DVDs, bullshitting, truing up fall plans, etc. Good times. Real good.

The cats seems to be nestling into their new home pretty well too. They spend the day getting into things, climbing unstable piles of this-n-that and shedding all over hell. Minh and Aaron make eye contact frequently and are developing a good rapport with each other, that may transcend previous feline/man-of-the-house relationships.

- - - -

After midnight “tube time” was spent watching the “Band of Brothers” DVD set this week. Couple more shows to go and it’ll be licked. Very intense stuff. Tough motherfuckers back in the day. Tough. Thanks to CINCO buddy Chris Soli for trusting the DDC factory floor with his box set. Much appreciated.

- - - -

Evan Rose, Chief Nusenow and Pat “the eYe” Bridges will be in town next weekend for the Red Bull Rail Jam. They’ll be up here to cover many bases: “loitering”, “quoting”, “bro-ing down”, “covering the event for media sources” and general “lingering.” Good to have these ratfuckers up here for a couple days. Giant pieces of shit. Family. Blood brothers. California trash, Vermont Trash, etc.

- - - -

Mark Michaylira, fellow graphic arts major, is rolling up the sleeves in the “Art Dept.” at SNOWBOARDER magazine. Word to the wise: Those so-called colleagues are gonna lie through their teeth, be late with everything and then hold it against you. Don’t take any guff from yer staff brothers and don’t give a rat’s shit to any surfers or stray rollerbladers or whatever that are employed in the building. Oh yeah: Don’t fuck the mag up. This is yer chance to slay it. Needs a good tune up…had a rough year, time for some new blood. Best of luck.

There Are 3 Comments

Damn it, Aaron. You get some estrogen around the place and you start going soft in the cat dept.

Sure, they might be cute and fluffy and all that, but you just can’t turn your back on the fuckers. They’re out for blood, my man. Watch yourself.

And don’t sleep with your mouth open.

Posted by: Ryno Canine-o on 04/26/03 at 11:54 AM

What’s all this about cats and snowboarding? I came here to talk about geeky shit like computers and programming.

Posted by: Cam on 04/26/03 at 3:37 PM

Fire up that chess set, Big Man, and prepare yourself for an ass whoopin’ : I’m coming home.

(and get Okins off my couch)

Posted by: matthew on 04/30/03 at 8:05 PM